5 Digital Marketing Crimes

Written by - 04/11/2015

Are you damaging your brand with bad marketing practice?

We expose the 5 most heinous digital misdemeanours.

How do you plead?

The Charge: Keyword Stuffing

Following the removal of meta keywords, some have turned to adding their key business terms into page content instead. As much as keywords are an essential part of SEO strategy and play a big part in getting your content ranking highly, Google has got smarter. This means that ‘stuffing’ your content with as many keywords as you possibly can will only decrease the value of your content. While it is important to incorporate your major keywords, it’s crucial that they’re not overused.

The Charge: Black-Hat SEO

Trying to outsmart Google is becoming near impossible, as their algorithms are designed to catch out any ‘black-hat’ behaviour, manipulating search engine rules will not get you very far. If your site contains clean code, content with desirable search terms and provides an overall positive user experience, Google will reward you with higher rankings.

The Charge: Allowing Your Content to Get Stale

Once your website is optimised, don’t stop there. Your content should be kept refreshed and up to date – in the eyes of Google, recent content is considered relevant content.

Having a blog is ideal for bringing new traffic and provides your audience with frequent, fresh content which will naturally bump up your search rankings. Also, creating in-depth downloadables such as whitepapers are perfect for inspiring trust and confidence in your users.

Content doesn’t have to mean text. Adding more images and multimedia content will help to keep your users interested and will increase shareability.

The Charge: Ignoring Mobile

With mobile devices slowly wiping out desktop, companies are missing out on vital traffic by building primarily for desktop! If you don’t optimise your content for mobile then you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your audience.

The Charge: Abandoning Your Social Media Channels

Social media is the place to engage on a more personal level, with current and prospective customers. It doesn’t mean you need to be on every single platform, but not putting the time and effort into updating your chosen channels will not reflect well on your business. Yes, it is time consuming, but building up your social media profile could lead to great success!