A WDL Christmas


We could all do with this year being over and moving on to better things. Before that, we have Christmas. It’s been on everyone’s mind, a chance for enjoyment, family and stuffing your face with Celebrations and then getting told you won’t be hungry at dinner time (I continue to prove my parents wrong year in, year out).

Secret Santa (shhhh… it’s a secret)

Christmas is going to be different this year, there is no doubt about it. That applies to friends, families and of course, us here at WDL. The usual office Christmas meal is a no-go and there’ll be no pub visits for the WDL crew. Secret Santa was even in jeopardy, but we have a work around. Secret Santa, 2020 style. This year, we’ve all drawn names virtually, using a website designed specifically for Secret Santas. Sure, you might not be picking out a folded piece of paper to discover the name of your recipient, but there is also no chance you’ll draw yourself.

Santa’s going to be busy enough as it is this year, so to help him out, we’re not putting our presents under the office tree (it isn’t even out of the box). Instead, we’re all posting presents to each other for a virtual unwrapping. That’s right, WDL are opening presents over a video call. We’re not missing out on the looks of surprise, happiness or utter disgust.

Merry Christmas

2020. Keeping your hands to yourself has been more important than ever. For exactly that reason, we haven’t sent a physical Christmas card to any of our clients. Don’t fret, we haven’t gone all Scrooge, in fact, the opposite. We’ve put together a digital Christmas email, an ‘eCard’ if you will. Bespoke design with a Christmas message and why stop there?

Following our Christmas eCard, we sent out a couple of digital Christmas gifts. The main present was a WDL Christmas Quiz. With a visual design and in PDF format, it’s perfect for your office or family Christmas quiz, in your household or over Zoom. 5 rounds of 10 questions, all with their own custom illustration. I’ll neither deny or confirm if these illustrations are clues or if they’ll make you bark up the wrong (Christmas) tree.

It’s the season of giving and we’re feeling generous, so even if we’ve never worked with you before, you can get our Christmas quiz for free.The other gift we put together was a Christmas playlist. Whether it’s in the background while you’re doing our quiz, or sitting down for Christmas dinner, Xmas tunes make everything better. All you need is a Spotify account, which you can create for free, then like Elton, you can Step Into Christmas.I’ll definitely have this on repeat over the next couple of weeks. Staying at home might not be the best of fun, but at least there won’t be any office debates about the music. Me at home, I’m blasting this playlist out and there is nothing my colleagues can do about it.

That’s just about it, that’s WDL’s Christmas. In a nutshell, this year, Christmas has gone digital.