Best Alternatives to Lorem Ipsum for Designers

Written by - 27/02/2015

Bored of using lorem ipsum time after time? It has been used as dummy text since the 1500’s so it’s about time we started to use something a little more updated and a little less Latin.

After searching the web high and low, I have compiled what I consider to be a list of the top 10 alternatives to use in your next project. So next time you’re looking for some display text, say goodbye to lorem ipsum and try one of these following generators…

Blind Text Generator

Choose from lorem ipsum or one of the alternative ‘language’ options and format the text however you like. Get a more accurate feel of what your site content will look once written by adding this structured placeholder text which you can then just copy and paste across into your CSS code. As well as this, it has a unique column adjuster allowing you to see how much text you can fit into certain column widths.


Still lorem ipsum, but lorem ipsum with the option to add formatting, lists, blockquotes and headers to really enhance your content. This generator allows you to create much more structured text and allows you to specify the parameter(s) you want to be outputted into your text.

Not Lorem Ipsum

Generate real text based on industry, with 40 different industries to choose from; ranging from florist to solicitor and hotel to doctor, this generator will bring realism to your designs and simulate text which looks as if it was written especially for the site you’re designing.

HTML Ipsum

Perfect for designers who want to experiment with their layout without having to fiddle about with the code. HTML ipsum provides a variety of code snippets, including tables and lists, ready to copy and paste straight into your CSS so you can easily experiment with all possible page format scenarios in no time.

Adhesion Text

Input characters of your choice and Adhesion text generates text containing just the characters assigned by you. Alternatively, select a language from the right hand column (and either upper or lower case) and generate text in one of 7 languages.

Lorem Pixel

If a box saying “place image here” isn’t quite what you’re after, Lorempixel lets you randomly generate photos by category and inserts them into code. You choose the size, category and whether you want a colour or greyscale image and there you have it, a mock image to go with your mock text – you even have the option to add text over the image.


Blokk is a downloadable font made up purely of dashes used to resemble text “for clients who do not understand Latin”. Using a simplistic filler such as this in the early stages of design can be ideal for producing multiple layout designs without the hassle of adding mock text.

Corporate Ipsum

If you’re designing a site with a corporate theme, this one’s for you. A selection of overused business terms which, believe it or not, actually make perfect sense. With no options to format the text or paragraph length, it may not be the most practical generator but is ideal since nobody will actually bother to read it, so it serves its purpose as filler text.

Choose your Ipsum

If that’s still not enough choice, Choose your ipsum has plenty more options submitted by users (with too much time on their hands). There’s no denying that cats practically own the internet so why not join in and use cat ipsum fill your page with cat related phrases too?

With options ranging from cupcake ipsum to obama ipsum, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye. However it may be best to remember to remove these before sending to your client…