Bland 2 Brilliant: How to Create Killer B2B Case Studies

Written by - 19/10/2015

Case studies are essential to demonstrating that you can deliver on your promises, so naturally they are an extremely important part of the sales process. However, they should also serve to strengthen relationships with your existing clients as well as encourage conversation with new ones.

So here are a few quick tips for getting it right…

Understand Your Audience

Sounds obvious… but it is often overlooked.

In your enthusiasm to share your company’s latest achievement, always be mindful of who is going to be reading it.


  • What’s important to them?
  • How much do you need to explain?
  • Are you presenting information in the best way possible for your reader?
  • Are they able to relate to what you are saying?

Not Everything Is About You…

A case study is as much about your client as it is about your company.

By creating a case study, your ultimate goal is to establish trust in your brand, so take time to explain things from your client’s point of view. This will enable a greater understanding of why the solution or product was needed, and this by default, will elevate its worth and value.

Tell a Story…

Are you sitting comfortably?

Case studies need to be engaging and although they should always of course, be based on fact; factual should not equal dull.

  • Address the human element, don’t be afraid to talk about the project’s challenges and how you found the solutions to those challenges.
  • Use engaging visuals to illustrate what you are saying.
  • Champion members of your team who were key to the success of the project.

… But Not a Fairytale

Provide the proof

Quantify and substantiate your claims about how great your solution or product is performing by providing key data, statistical analysis, reports and testimonials. Transparency is the key to meaningful communication.

Don’t Miss an Opportunity…

Ask for input

Remember that your clients can add extremely valuable content to your case study (if you ask them nicely). So get them involved with the process and use their unique perspective on the situation to make your case study more compelling.

Get Permission!

It’s the polite thing to do…

Make sure that you are not publishing anything confidential or which may inadvertently provide information to your clients’ competitors. Check with your client that they are happy for you to publish.