Creatively Working to a Specification


We get asked to build all kinds of fancy features for websites. From backgrounds that remain statically in place to images that fade out gradually as a user scrolls down the page. It’s not uncommon to be asked to build sites that allow users to create multiple profiles within one account. We’ve even built custom animations in fine detail within a largely static montage before. The point is, everyone is different and we have an amazing web team who can build you your perfect website – no matter your specifications.

Sometimes, fancy features aren’t as straightforward as ones we’ve done before. In these cases, we get to be a bit creative in how we put the site together, while still working to the original specifications of what the site needs to do. If a client comes to us with an idea in mind and we have a good understanding of how they would like to see each specific fancy feature working, we’re sure to have more than one way of making that happen.

The most efficient way to do this is to take a close look at examples, find out the necessary parts that make them work the way they do and then replicate these separately. The most complex features are usually the first part of the site to be built. That way we can work with everything else around it. If we encounter a problem when the different features interact, we can then adjust our approach and work around the problem.

If you know how you want something on your site to work, it is invaluable to be able to see examples of the feature working on a different site. We can learn a lot about something from being able to see it in action elsewhere. We can use what we learn there as a guide when building your site. It can work just as well if you have examples of how you don’t want something to work. It’s then a case of avoiding the pitfalls, rather than following them as a guide. In either case, having examples can be a great way to see a demonstration of what you are looking to achieve with fancy features on your site. We can occasionally run into problems when taking inspiration from examples (this normally happens when features directly fight each other). However, in these cases, we’ll have a good understanding of the options available to avoid the issue and be able to suggest solutions that allow your desired feature to work.

As a team, we work together to come up with our very own innovative ways to create your quirky web features and ultimately, we love a technical challenge. If you have an idea for a feature you want that makes us initially scratch our heads, we’ll undoubtedly have a blast solving it!