Small wins

Even Small Wins Deserve Celebrating – Episode 2


Episode 2. The sequel. Aren’t they always meant to be worse than the original? Perhaps. In the most ‘Finn-way’ possible, The Empire Strikes Back ranks higher than A New Hope and The Dark Knight surpassed Batman Begins. Anyway, this opening crawl is coming to an end, it’s Episode 2 of celebrating WDL’s most recent wins…

(camera pans down)

Location. Location. Location.

That’s right, a big win for WDL was our office move this month. It had been a long-time coming and with lockdown throwing the proverbial spanner in the works, long-awaited too. From our ‘cosy’ hidden office at 1 Thomas Court, we moved up the road to The Old Brewhouse, check out a photo of the building back in the day, below. Joking aside, you can actually see us from the road now! While we may all be working from home due to ‘all this’ (such a British saying), we did manage to get desks and furniture in place and even got a grand total of one week in the office in socially distanced department groups. Nothing to shout about you might be thinking, but seeing everything moved and in place was pleasing for us all. And the days we spent in the office were great too, seeing colleagues in the flesh (I know they’re not covering Vogue anytime soon) and having a real-life discussion beats emails and video calls.

Wheelie Good

I’m no wordsmith, but someone, somewhere, will have giggled at that, probably my colleague Richard. This win is the launch of a new site, Wheelers. Owned by Challs, who we’ve produced numerous sites for, including Alkimi and Buster, Wheelers provide beeswax and plant based natural cleaning sprays and creams. Designed using layouts similar to those on Buster, we expanded on the Wheelers brand and built a brochure-esque website, acting as a source of inspiration and signposting for all things Wheelers.

As with the other Challs projects we have had the pleasure to work on, following the launch of the website, we have also provided our marketing services with display ads in the works and PPC campaign setups. It’s always great when a new site goes live, it’s even better when we get to continue working on a project with the addition of new features and marketing work, helping clients to continue achieving their goals.

The Launch of Student Life

Another website launch, this time a bespoke magazine site for Student Life. This client provides a printed magazine for students that covers all manner of subjects, with the aim to help, upskill, educate and entertain. The website features articles from the magazine, all of which are categorised with dedicated landing pages, allowing for a seamless user journey. The site also acts as source of information about Student Life and how students, schools and advertisers can get involved.

Due to the nature of the company and industry, this was a project that allowed for a lot of fun and we were able to add to the already established Student Life brand and provide an online resource fit for the audience. Having fun on a project is, of course, an absolute win, and seeing it go live is the cherry on the cake. You can check out the website here.

So there you have it, Episode 2 is at an end. Don’t the bad guys always win in the sequel? Not in this franchise. We’ve celebrated our wins and no hands have been lost in the process, I’m looking at you Mr Skywalker.