Small wins

Even Small Wins Deserve Celebrating – Episode I


“It’s true… all of it”. Han Solo’s words to Rey and Finn (not me unfortunately) and it is true, the small wins do deserve celebrating, it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom. So what if you’re not popping the cork on a bottle of bubbly every week? We can’t all be Lewis Hamilton atop yet another podium. Small wins deserve celebrating, they’re great pick-me-ups, brighten the mood and you’ll have a proud sense of achievement. A win, big or small, shouldn’t be overlooked, that’s why, every few weeks (since lockdown started), the team here at WDL like to have a look at how we’ve been helping our clients’ businesses, how we’ve been helping our clients win.

We’ve been busy the last few weeks with numerous projects on the go from eCommerce sites to marketing campaigns, it’s an exciting time at WDL. If I was to let you in on any of those, I’m afraid I would have to… you know how the line goes. So what can I share with you in terms of recent wins? Well, there’s a couple of smaller ones and one that’s a little bigger.

Back To School Sale For MacFinder

Yes, we did consider ‘Mac to school’, but that really wasn’t the way to go. We’ve run numerous online sale campaigns in the past for MacFinder, and our most recent one was for their Back To School sale, with up to 40% off their refurbished Apple goodness. Previous campaigns have seen the use of background patterns and image manipulation. This time we upped the ante and went for bespoke illustrations showcasing Macs in glorious vector format. With additional elements providing the school/college/uni (select education that applies) backdrop, we had the sale style in place. Alongside a homepage banner takeover and a dedicated sale page on the MacFinder website, an email was also created with links out to the relevant sale categories.

To top off our campaign set up, social ads were designed and meticulously planned to ensure they give the best chance of conversions. With the sale landscape always changing as sale items dwindled, our continued campaign management saw ad targeting tweaked and product categories pushed as necessary.

So why is that a win? Let’s be honest, it’s another piece of completed work that the WDL team has really enjoyed working on and I should know, I did the illustrations. It’s a win because we’ve helped MacFinder boost their revenue during their sale period. And it’s a win because we had fun doing it.

Branding For Ben Smith

Ben Smith Tennis approached WDL in need of branding for his tennis coaching business. The logo and colour palette came together with modern flair and a simple shape that doubles up as an ‘S’ and a tennis ball… nifty, nicely done Richard!

As part of the branding work, we delivered multiple logo layouts, an expanded colour palette and a range of branding concepts.

Finalising the branding and providing the relevant files to Ben gave him the opportunity to start getting his name and brand out there, helping to make the ‘S’ known in the local tennis community.

Proposal Documents For Oakpark Security

Oakpark Security are one of our notably long-term clients and it’s great that we’ve been involved in not only their website, but print material too. (Interested in what Oakpark have to say? You can find out here) In need of tailored documentation for their businesses proposals, our design team were tasked with putting together a document that could be easily updated with content and branding to suit Oakpark’s clients.

Our flexible template has not only made our job easier, but Oakpark’s too and it’s always nice to see our print work not only in use, but succeeding.

Winner Winner, Blog Finished Before Dinner

I don’t need telling how terrible that line is, but if Birds Eye and PUBG can do it, so can we. Anyway, there you have it, our most recent wins. The launch of a bespoke website might not be included, but they’re still wins worth celebrating, at our end and our clients. The results of all three aforementioned wins have been truly rewarding for all parties involved. We can’t wait to get started on our next projects and deliver even more wins, so if you’re in need of that winning mentality, let us know, we’d love to help and put your business on the winning team.