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Written by - 12/12/2014

Whether you want to shout about the latest promotion, boast about your newest idea or just spread some festive cheer, email marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to get your message in front of customers and contacts.

Why Campaign Monitor?

There are several online email marketing applications. Most are similar in terms of what they offer and having used a few, I have to admit my favourite by far is Campaign Monitor.

The platform is simple to navigate and everything is laid out in an intuitive and easy to follow way. I’m no technophobe, but some systems that I’ve used make things far more complicated than they need to be. I’m not about to name and shame, but they know who they are!

Anyone that knows about how online email marketing applications work, will know you usually have either the option to use your own email templates or their own inbuilt email builder, and Campaign Monitor’s email builder is particularly good.

As we see the massive value email marketing offers and the potential it has for all of our clients, we offer email template building and email marketing as a service to both new and existing businesses who work with us.

Creating Email Templates

Email templates are a lot different from HTML website pages in a number of ways, the most notable is the fact that email clients (Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird etc) support varying different levels of advancement in web development technologies, this means that there are things you just can’t do with HTML emails, that frankly you should.

Someone once said to me “Building HTML emails is like website building… a time machine” and its kind of true, websites pre year 2000 were often built using tables, (imagine colouring in a spreadsheet and calling it a website).

Although from a user perspective these websites can be just as nice to look at as modern day websites, there are lots of things that make them not very nice. I won’t go into it in detail now though.

These dated methods (using tables) are exactly what we use to build HTML emails because many email clients simply ignore the nice elements we use to build websites.

I digress, like I was saying Campaign Monitor is my favourite online email marketing application, not just because of home nice it, looks and how simple it is to use but there customer service is second to none, they’ve come to my rescue more than once as well.

Free Campaign Monitor Email Template

Anyway here I am, rambling on, almost forgot it’s nearly Christmas and you know what that means…….PRESENTS.

So as I’m a nice guy I have a present for you to enjoy, your very own HTML email template, all ready for you to change some images and get sending.

It’s ready to slip right into Campaign Monitor or you can open the file and tweak the colours (don’t worry, they’re all labelled) and images, or even send using another method.

So what are you waiting for? Christmas!

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