How Can LinkedIn Be Used To Help Your Business?


How Can LinkedIn Be Used To Help Your Business?

Have you been considering advertising on LinkedIn to grow your reach, expand your network, and win more customers for your business?

It’s one of the best places to reach qualified audiences, attract leads and win more customers for your business – especially if you’re B2B.

But what makes LinkedIn so special?

Well, before we dig into that, let me explain what LinkedIn is.

Are You LinkedOut?

If you didn’t know or had been living under a rock for the past 12 years, LinkedIn is a social network for business professionals.

As it stands, it currently has 610 million registered members across 200 countries. This may seem obvious, but if you haven’t realised already, this is a massive market that you can advertise to!

While the service is primarily used for employment prospects, it is a great place for building connections with future partners and clients.

For business owners like yourself, it has three main uses:

  •  Speak To Highly Targeted Audiences
  • Reach More Customers
  • Generate Leads

Let me explain how these three features can help your business and gain you more customers.

Highly Targeted Audiences

LinkedIn has access to a wealth of data about their users – their positions in their companies, their education, their interests, their skills and more, which can be exploited to win you more business.


You can use this information to create highly-targeted, specific audiences and advertise to them.

For example, imagine if you want to advertise your website design services. By considering who we want to market to, we can show our ads to users who fall into particular professional categories like ‘Marketing Manager’, ‘Website Controller’, ‘Brand Manager’ who are most likely to engage with our marketing message.

By marketing to highly-targeted audiences like this, you can prevent wasting your ad spend and “speak” to the decision-makers who are most likely to purchase your products or services.

Very recently, LinkedIn announced that it was expanding it’s advertising features by partnering with Microsoft. Microsoft has now enhanced LinkedIn’s targetting capability by allowing them to tap into Bing’s data and explore ‘lookalike’ audiences which will help you maximise your ROI if you’re advertising on the platform.

But what are they?

By employing these ‘lookalike’ audiences, you can now maximise your return on LinkedIn advertising and confidently win more leads for your business. This can be done by:

  • Reaching high-converting audiences: send your ads directly to audiences who are similar to users who have engaged with your business before.
  • Scaling your prospects: extend your reach and connect with more qualified users. Beta testers were able to reach audiences at 5x-10x the scale while maintaining a high quality of leads.
  • Targetting new accounts: engage with companies you may have not previously considered targetting and win more business.

“LinkedIn’s lookalike audiences combine the traits of your ideal customer with our rich member and company data to help you market to new professional audiences similar to your existing customers, website visitors and target accounts.”

Promote Your Content

In addition to reaching professionals with targeted ads, you can also promote the content which you share and reach a wider audience.

For instance, if you regularly publish articles, videos, and additional content on your LinkedIn company page, you can promote it to reach new users directly.

But, why should you care?

It helps build trust in your business. It’s also great for encouraging dialogue with existing customers and future prospects which can often lead to sales.

Lead Generation

A great way to reach users on LinkedIn and turn them into leads is through sponsored LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. These allow you to send personalised messages to users who fit your market and encourage them to fill out information and get in touch.

Why are these useful?

These forms are very straight forward for users to fill out and the leads are often high quality.

If you’re trying to make new waves for your business and want to start online advertising, LinkedIn is a great place to start. Do you need some help getting started? Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help.