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How Secure Are You Online?

Written by - 04/02/2016

How secure are your accounts online? Is ‘123456’ still keeping your Gmail safe? (Yes, that really is the most common password on the internet). Maybe it’s time you reassess things and look at enabling 2 step verification.

2 Step What?

The concept of 2 step verification is simple, it adds an extra layer of protection in the event someone gains access to your password. Anytime you try to sign in somewhere new, you’ll need more than just your password. In most cases this will be a code sent to your phone, enter that and you’re in. Beyond preventing someone accessing your account immediately, it gives you a heads up that your security might be compromised.

Secure Your Email First

Take a moment to consider how much information about you is sitting in your inbox right now. There’s likely bank and credit card info, links to your social media accounts, details about your work and memberships. This is a lot for someone to find just by having your password! On top of that, think how easy it is to reset the passwords to all of your other accounts? Within minutes they could have access to your entire digital life. Before anything else, ensure your email is as locked down as possible.

But How!?

If you’re one of the 900 million Gmail users, enabling 2 Factor Authentication is simple. Simply visit https://www.google.com/landing/2step/ and follow the steps. Have your phone nearby and you’ll be protected within 2 minutes!

Now, Protect Everything Else!

Don’t stop at Gmail! 2 Step Verification is available on a range of online accounts and services. For a handy guide of where it is and isn’t available, check out https://twofactorauth.org/.