How to grow a YouTube channel

Written by Louis - 08/07/2024

There are a variety of reasons why a business should take advantage of creating a YouTube channel, whether they are struggling for engagement on social media, search engine ranking, or even generating more conversions. YouTube, in addition to other social accounts, allows businesses the freedom to grow their audiences worldwide thanks to the popularity of the site, in addition to other perks like higher visibility on Google thanks to Google owning YouTube and the amount of value they place on high-quality video content. In this blog, we will cover some tips and advice on how to grow a YouTube channel successfully.


Producing high-quality content


In order to make your content more engaging and attractive, the video quality and aspects surrounding it should be of high quality to draw in viewers. Attention-grabbing thumbnails should be crafted, and the content itself should be relevant to your business, whether it is informative or promotional. High-quality content should include clear visuals and audio in order to make it easier for viewers to follow. High-quality content will result in audience retention and engagement if viewers are enjoying the videos that are being uploaded. Similarly, high-quality content will build credibility and trust with audiences – which is necessary if you want your channel to be taken seriously. If viewers are consistently engaging with your videos, the YouTube algorithm will favour the channel as it looks at metrics like view windows that show the time watched per video, engagement rates, likes, and comments to decide what gets higher visibility on the platform.




Consistently uploading content is an excellent way to contribute to the overall success and branding of your channel – however, this should not take priority over the quality of your content. Consistency will also help viewers align your channel with professionalism, helping to make the channel more recognisable. It can also help your brand’s identity, this is important as viewers may associate a particular logo, colour scheme, or tagline with your channel or business if they are returning viewers. 


Engaging with your audience


As previously mentioned, engagement is helpful for your channel and the YouTube algorithm. However, there are a multitude of other reasons as to why engagement is beneficial for a YouTube channel; Some methods of engagement include the likes of polls, responding to comments, and implementing calls to action (CTAs). These methods contribute to the overall reputation of the channel and products if any are being mentioned in videos. In addition, this social proof is helpful for contributing to the potential for going viral due to the high level of engagement. 



Promoting your channel


Promoting your YouTube channel is a helpful way to drive traffic to it without relying on organic growth, and this can be done using various methods. Social media is most likely the go-to choice, thanks to the similarities between users of different social platforms. Sharing videos across different social media helps your channel reach a broader audience, especially if it is being shared and engaged with. Likewise, from a business perspective, links to your latest videos or channel can be shared through other means like any email marketing that is done, your own website, or through YouTube advertising itself. 





YouTube analytics provides you with a more in-depth understanding of both your videos and channel through key metrics such as view count, watch time, subscriber growth, and real-time performance that shows the last 2 days of activity. This is useful for viewing your uploaded video’s performance, a live count of your subscribers, and what the best-performing content has been – further allowing you to plan ahead of what to upload next. 


A YouTube channel is an excellent way to broaden your audience and draw attention to your business – the amount of control you are allowed to have over your channel and amount of features you have to help with the growth is extensive, providing you with the ability to optimise your content and branding as you see fit. Maximising the potential of your channel can be developed further through the use and consideration of the tips and tricks mentioned.


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