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Introducing Our Sister Company – The PPC People


If you’ve been following some of our social media accounts closely over the past couple of months, or if you’re one of our new PPC clients, then you may have seen a few references to The PPC People.

The PPC People (along with Website Management – stay tuned for a future blog) is a relatively new sister site to our WDL company. The new company will be branching out, focusing solely on PPC campaigns for new clients who wish to undertake a marketing retainer with WDL. The ethics and quality of work from the new sister site will be in line with that of WDL, ensuring the same core company values are adhered to.

Who are The PPC People?

The PPC People is made up of the current Digital Marketing (DM) team within WDL. The DM team is now the biggest (and fastest-growing) team at WDL, with all new PPC clients being introduced under The PPC People. Currently, The PPC People comprises 5 Digital Marketing PPC experts (Tom, myself, Nate, and Jack), with Andy (Co-Founder) overseeing all activities within the new organisation.

Do they just deal with PPC work?

It’s no rumour that our WDL DMs complete a number of different tasks in their day-to-day jobs, from PPC to social media management, and website content addition or creation, to blog writing (like I am doing now).

The new sister site will focus solely on creating and optimising PPC campaigns, with every new client being assigned a dedicated, experienced account manager – after all, every PPC account manager at both, WDL and The PPC People, will always be Google Certified with experience of managing accounts under their belts.

How long has The PPC People been about?

The PPC People officially launched in November 2021 and has had some promising growth, with many happy clients, at the start of 2022. Due to the business model and exciting future plans for the sister site, we’re hoping that we can look at doubling our staffing numbers before the end of the year!

What does the future hold for The PPC People?

We obviously don’t want to be giving away all of our ideas for the new company, however, there are many different routes The PPC People will be taking throughout the rest of the year. Firstly we will be looking to take on more clients through our current streams and sources, but as we move deeper into 2022 we will be looking to add regional sales teams to the company allowing us to focus on what’s most important – the quality of your PPC campaigns and their success.

We really do have some big plans over the next couple of years, and can’t wait to share them with you, as and when they happen. If you enjoyed reading about our new sister site, be sure to stay tuned for future blogs as we’ll be introducing you to our other sister site Website Management within the coming weeks.