Learning a new job from home


Why Did I Start My Job From Home? 

My role at Website Design Ltd started in the October of 2021, although we had passed the lockdowns we saw during the COVID period, I joined at a time before our new office wasn’t ready to be moved into. This meant that I was going to have to start my new role from the comfort of my own home. 

My house became not only somewhere I lived, ate, and slept but now it became an office too. For some people this may be their ideal situation, working from home and having the freedom to work in a comfortable environment, however, there are some pros and cons to working from home, especially in a brand new role.

Although it has now been nearly 9 months since I started working at Website Design Ltd I still remember my first day clearly. My MacBook had been dropped off a few days before starting and I was ready to meet everyone, through Google Meet! This was not your typical first day at work, I may not have had the fear of walking through the front door to the office but I had a fear of everyone’s eyes staring at me through the camera. This was not true however, everyone at the morning meeting was friendly and I received messages welcoming me to the Website Design Ltd family. 

Meeting My Team 

We are fortunate here at Website Design Ltd that we have the opportunity to enjoy team bonding days where we can meet each other outside of working hours. My first time meeting everyone from the Digital Marketing team was at Clip ‘n’ Climb. Being afraid of heights, perhaps this wasn’t the best way to introduce myself but I felt welcomed and comfortable around everyone, and in my opinion, in the end, this was a fantastic way to meet everyone. Since then, I have met everyone in the business through other bonding days and loved being a part of the team. 

Pros – Working From Home 

As previously stated, I got to start my job in an environment I feel comfortable in and that I am used to. This meant I also didn’t have to walk very far to my desk, there is no commuting to work when you are working from home, except walking downstairs! Working from home also meant that I could have a quiet space to work in, I was the only person working from home, at the time, so the house was a completely silent working zone. 

Cons – Working From Home

Although there are plenty of pros to working from home, there are also some cons. If you have a question about something that perhaps isn’t working or you can’t figure out the problem, having to message someone, see if they are free, and await their response isn’t always the best option. Whereas, working in an office environment you are able to physically see if that person is busy and able to lend you a helping hand. Another con could be that it can become quite lonely. As I work from home on my own, I do not have anyone else to speak to in person. Being in the office, you are able to speak to other people around you and have the company of being surrounded by your colleagues. 

I graduated from university in 2019 and working in marketing is completely different from what you may learn while you are there. From battling distractions to learning new knowledge through a screen, working from home is different for everyone. 

Regardless of the pros and cons of working from home, everyone at Website Design Ltd made me feel very welcome and a part of the working family very quickly. I have learned a lot from my time already and am looking forward to my future here.