Meet The Team – Digital Marketers


We’re continuing our “Meet The Team” blog series and today we’re saying hello to our Digital Marketers. If you didn’t know, we have three Digital Marketers at WDL, which is our smallest team size (tied with our Design team where we also have 3 members). Don’t let this fool you, our three DM’s get through a lot of work, and seem to always be on top of it!

Like the previous “Meet The Team” blogs, we asked the following four questions to each Digital Marketer:

If you weren’t working at WDL what would you be doing?
What’s your favourite film?
Do you have a hidden skill or talent?
Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

Shahed Miah – Digital Marketer

Coming from a sales background, Shahed thinks he would still be in the field if it wasn’t for WDL. Either that or trying to start his own business in something – being self-driven, we’re confident he’d do well at this.

There was no clear winner on his film list. He doesn’t tend to watch films more than once, as he feels like it’s a waste of time. If you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it. Why watch it again? However, Four Lions is one that quickly came to mind.

Rumour has it that Shahed used to be alright at football. However, now claiming the “injured” status, we’re waiting until he is fighting fit before we start a 5 aside work team.

Believe it or not, Shahed actually won a Mercedes through an art competition while in primary school. Although only 8 at the time he does assure us he didn’t go loose on the roads alone (thank god). The Mercedes was only for a week, but he also got a backpack out of it too and even made the local newspaper.

Tom Khedimallah – Digital Marketer

The DJ route has always intrigued Tom. His dream job would be in the music sector, specifically to be a DJ residency at an exclusive New York rooftop bar.

Fight Club is one of Tom’s favoured films, we’re not exactly sure how many times he has watched this, but the word from the grapevine says it’s a lot.

Like Rick (check out the “Meet Our Developers” blog), Tom excels in the kitchen, his chosen dish of choice would have to be his mean chicken fajitas.

Tom is so confident in his fajitas that he even classifies it as his hidden skill. His ability to cook said chicken fajita with finesse and flavour time and time again has to count.

James Gray – Digital Marketer

Being a sports fanatic, James could see himself working outside doing some form of coaching – in fact, that is what he was doing prior to Digital Marketing. James also has his own Personal Training business so keeps his spare time occupied helping his clients achieve their fitness goals.

Australia has to be the favourite film of choice for James. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a group of people racing to herd cattle across the “never-never” (the Australian outback). The reason this is one of his favourites is that when travelling around Australia he nearly made a cameo appearance in the film.

Like other WDL members, James has a musical side, performing on many different stages throughout his school career. His go-to instrument would be the trumpet, although he has performed in many musical groups using; Cello, Trumpet, Piano and even Vocals too. He’s even sung on stage as Oliver Twist – although he seems set on claiming his singing days are behind him.

An interesting fact about James is his credentials when it comes to his sport. James is a hockey enthusiast and set up his own hockey company when he was younger and continues to use his own equipment whilst playing national league hockey.

And that wraps up our team of Digital Marketers. This is a four-part blog series and we only have the Designers to meet. If you want to know more about the people making our decisions, be sure to have a look at our previous blogs and stay tuned for the final entry where we meet the remaining WDL employees.