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My first month at Website Design Ltd

Written by Louis - 17/05/2024

3 years of university and many job applications later, I was accepted for a Digital Marketer role at Website Design Limited. Starting my first day on the 19th of February 2024, I arrived at the office equally excited and nervous. To my relief everyone was, and still is, as welcoming as ever – and I am enjoying the work and training that I am doing. My first day consisted of getting to know who I would be working alongside, and getting registered and logged in on all the required systems. It was also the day of the weekly team meeting and digital marketer catch-up, both providing opportunities for getting to know how the business will move forward for the week and the tasks that need to be completed.


My first hands-on experience was on the next Wednesday where I shadowed Jack, another member of the digital marketing team, on the tracking setup and a general PPC management session. Daunting at first, as this is my first marketing role, however, I am gaining more confidence working with accounts with each session passing. What came after was an entire account setup with Tom, a process that was also entirely new to me. It involved setting up GA4 tracking and Google Ads Campaigns – including, assets, and keywords relevant to their respective ad groups.

The following Monday, I began my training for my Google certification which consisted of modules such as GA4, Google Ads, Search & Measurement, Display, Shopping & Video Ads, and Apps. This admittedly took me longer than I would have liked to complete, as my way of retaining information includes writing everything down, however it was eventually completed.


From there until the 28th of the month, it was a matter of lining my weekly schedule with helpful tasks – primarily shadowing and Google training until I was able to be more confident (and certified) in what I am doing. This has led to current tasks like the occasional reverse-shadowing (where I am taking control of accounts assisted by whomever I was previously shadowing), peer-checks, reports, and the obvious blog writing.

The 28th of February was my first experience of accounts day – a day in which all of the digital marketers commute into the office, book a room, and bring forward any enquiries of any account they are managing as a way to problem-solve and get the perspective and opinions of others. The day was a good insight into how each digital marketer viewed and came to their conclusions on certain issues, as well as a look at how well everyone works with each other.

At the beginning of each month, PPC and SEO reports have to be sent out to their respective clients so that they are informed of their monthly performance and so that they are aware of the changes made to their accounts. The PPC reports, which I am doing at the moment, consist of general and conversion performance statistics, month-by-month comparisons for general and conversion statistics, a table of a clients’ highest performing campaigns and ad groups, and is summarised within some commentary discussing those previously mentioned.


What followed later that month consisted of more PPC shadowing, training, weekly meetings and the occasional commute to the office for some face-to-face learning; my preferred method.
On the 22nd of March, I had my first monthly review meeting, in which we set targets and guidelines for the next month on top of a general discussion on how James, my digital marketing manager, and I thought my first 30 days went. It was successful overall, and one more monthly meeting later I am now here making my way through to my third month with Website Design Limited.