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Ninja Tag & axe throwing


The latest Website Design team event saw us head to the Buttermarket in Ipswich and really put us through our paces; Ninja Tag and axe throwing. For reasons unknown to me, we opted to do the most strenuous, sweaty, heart-pumping, activity first: Ninja Tag.

From the name, it’s not clear what Ninja Tag is and we certainly didn’t all dress up as ninjas and have a game of tag. It’s an open arena assault course with beacons that you tap with your wristband to gain points. Crawling, climbing, jumping, sliding (and falling), we scurried around the arena as quickly as we could. Team building was out of the question as everyone’s competitive edge took precedence. Challenging and fun, we all had a knackering blast. It was absolutely no surprise to anyone in the Website Design team that James topped the scoreboard. Questioning Darwin’s theory of evolution, James put it in reverse and became a modern-day Tarzan, swinging and climbing all over the place, while the rest of us better resembled Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle.

After taking a well-earned rest, we then headed along to Boom Bar for axe throwing, an activity none of us had done before and were very much looking forward to, but had our fingers crossed we’d land at least one axe. Tarzan turned into Thor as James put us all to shame yet again. While it took some of us a little while to get the hang of it, the experience was great and we were all willing our colleagues on every time they stepped up to throw. Everyone achieved the glory of landing an axe and could step away with their head held high.

Following axe throwing, we tucked into some chicken wings, cauliflower wings and spicy sauces before heading home. Another action-packed team event, with plenty of fun and laughter. It’s fair to say our bodies didn’t entirely thank us the next day though as Ninja Tag tested muscles we didn’t even know existed.