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Office Christmas Party Ideas (WFH style)


It’s no surprise that Christmas is going to be a little different this year. With many social restrictions remaining in place across the country for the foreseeable, when it comes to this year’s office Christmas soiree, it’s time to think outside the box and get a little creative! We tend to use Google Meet for our everyday meetings and we will be doing the same for our Christmas get together this year. Each of the following Christmas ‘do’ ideas are Zoom call friendly so you and your team can safely still catch up, have a giggle and reflect on the past year.

Virtual Secret Santa

As Santa Claus should keep away due to social distancing this Christmas, virtual Secret Santa seems the way forward. There are many great, free tools online to help draw the names and anonymously assign everyone with a colleague to buy for, even handing over their address for sending purposes. Some tools also allow each participant to privately create their own wishlist, so that they don’t just receive another pair of boring old socks! Set a date with colleagues and ensure that everybody is aware of the date of the gift exchange so that they can wrap and post their gift in time. Santa never forgets!


Christmas quiz

Quizzes became a regular activity throughout 2020, so why not host a Christmas one for old time’s sake? Why not get into the holiday spirit and have an entirely Christmas based quiz? There are lots of quiz categories you can choose from such as the obvious, films and songs, to something a little different such as Christmas food and drink, or traditions from around the World, or even guessing which Santa is which…he’s been in an awful lot of movies!



If you need an icebreaker, charades could be a winner. The team can come up with and collate a bunch of Christmas films, songs, books or even characters perhaps, for the host to enter into a name generator tool online and each team member can generate one at random on camera when it’s their turn. Throw some festive beverages into the mix, some mulled wine and perhaps a cheeky mince pie or two, it’s bound to be a great laugh.


GBBO Christmas showstopper challenge

It’s not necessarily a classic yuletide activity, however, everybody loves The Great British Bake Off, right? If not, most people do love eating cake! As everybody has a bit more spare time on their hands this Christmas, a bake off could be a fun way to introduce a little competitiveness into the Christmas get together. Each team member can bake a festive showstopper to present to their colleagues (of course, everybody will be eating their own bakes and sadly, will not be able to try everybody else’s), but this could be an enjoyable activity to unwind in your spare time.



Using the jam boards functionality in Google or the whiteboard feature if you and your team prefer to Zoom, Pictionary could be a fun game to play as a team, (Christmas themed of course). Each person taking part can share their screen and draw away until somebody guesses what it is. For those who aren’t quite the budding artist, expect a few laughs at your masterpiece!


Winter cocktail party or cheese & wine night

Although getting dressed up and hitting the town is off the cards this December, why not host a team cocktail party or a cheese and wine night? Swap the glad rags for some ugly Christmas jumpers and get a little merry, it is Christmas after all!


However you spend this festive period, we hope that this blog has given you some inspiration on ways you can still enjoy Christmas while you work from home. This year’s festivities may be considerably different than most, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t be merry, have fun and enjoy ourselves! If you liked this blog then be sure to share with a friend or colleague. We’d also love to see how you spend your Christmas this year, so be sure to share your pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram.