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Our 2021 Social Events


Last Friday, the WDL team had a rare meet up to close out 2021 with our Christmas party. Despite the concerning rise of covid cases, very much like this time last year, we took the correct precautions in order to meet for dinner and what a night it was! We ate at the newly renovated, The George Hotel on Colchester High Street, and had a fantastic evening of tasty food and lots of laughter. We even managed to organise Secret Santa…in person, as opposed to over a video call.

As we’ve all been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic, back in March 2020; social events have been limited, in particular, last year. However, throughout 2021 we have been able to meet a few times as the social bunch we are and it really did lift everybody’s spirits throughout the year, that’s for sure.

Reminiscing about the summer, we met and played Putt In The Park in Castle Park followed by a Chinese feast for dinner. This was the first team outing since early March 2020 and in fact, it was the first time the newest members of the WDL team had met anyone in person which did feel strange considering we speak to each other most days. This was a great,warm summer’s evening that everybody had been craving. I think everyone would agree how good it was to catch up with colleagues face to face.

Later in the year, we managed to squeeze in another couple of evening’s out together. One of which was an escape room, which a number of us had never done before. We were split into two groups and I’m pretty sure we were neck and neck, almost until the timer ran out but luckily, both groups made it out in time. I’m pretty sure I’d still be locked inside the cabin in the woods themed room if it wasn’t for my team! In addition to the escape room, a short while ago we went to Clip n Climb in Ipswich for some indoor rock climbing. This was a physical and sometimes a mental challenge for everybody who came that evening, those walls are pretty high when you start descending!

In summary, this year has been considerably socially – better than 2020 anyway. We’ve shared many more laughs and made memories together as a group. To top off a great year, our very own Santa Claus, our Managing Director, kindly made the rounds this week delivering personalised, homemade hampers for us all, a real treat before Christmas.

I’m sure my colleagues are with me on this, but it’s going to be great to finally start working together in our new office next year as well as attend more group outings organised by yours truly.

Wishing you all a great Christmas and a very happy 2022!