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Our New Client Relationship Manager


Having worked at WDL for almost 8 years as a Project Manager and with COVID-19 lockdown in full force, earlier this year I found myself with a lot of spare time on my hands. New projects were uncertain and many of the projects we were working on at the time, were placed on hold due to the circumstances. I wanted a new challenge and started to focus my skill set elsewhere and develop my own knowledge of Account Management. With the support and encouragement of my team, I have recently transitioned my role at WDL from a Project Manager to a Client Relationship Manager.

The majority of the skills I obtained whilst working as a Project Manager are transferable to the duties of a successful Account Manager. Most notably and probably the most important element of my new role is communication, which happens to be one of my favourite parts of the job, chatting with clients. Although I communicated with our clients on a regular basis previously, either via email or the odd catch up call to debrief on their current project with us, it was identified that our team was lacking a constant source of communication for all of our clients, past and present.

Moving forward, I plan to be in touch with all of our clients to catch up on their business, how things are going work-wise as well as with their website, and to ensure that they know who to talk to if required. I want to ensure that we have a good, working relationship with every one of our clients in order to instill confidence that we have their best interests at heart and that we would love to continue helping them wherever possible.

As a team, WDL will be more proactive at reviewing our clients’ websites and their account activity in order to identify potential opportunities for growth and improvement. In evolving our relationship with each of our clients, and communicating more regularly, we trust that our new accounts process will not only be beneficial to our clients and that each will receive our full attention but, it will also prove useful for us so that myself and the wider team are aware of what’s working for our clients and of course, what could be refined if not quite working as desired.

I look forward to my new venture as a Client Relationship Manager for the foreseeable and even more so, I look forward to speaking with all of our clients very soon.