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Aspiring Solicitors

Aspiring Solicitors are an organisation devoted to promoting diversity within the legal profession, with the primary focus on providing a platform for those pursuing a career within law from diverse backgrounds to be able to develop their skills and discuss their own experiences, as well as communicate with a number of ambassadors for advice and assistance.

Aspiring MobileComprehensive Information Architecture

WDL’s relationship with Aspiring Solicitors began when we were tasked to produce a functional website for the company in 2014. In 2016, when looking to update the website that we had built for them, they then made the decision to go with a different website development company who, unfortunately, failed to meet expectations. After a period of discussion as to their precise requirements for the updated website, we began working on a bespoke platform that would not only serve to inform Aspiring Solicitors members of news pertaining to the organisation, but also of events, and a comprehensive listing of a large bank of student and legal ambassadors.

Image Is Everything

A key consideration of the design of the updated site was the incorporation of a lot of different online functionality, such as events calendars, ambassador databases, and member services, alongside a professional and inviting aesthetic befitting of a corporate company working with young students and professionals.

General AdviceBe Content With Your Content

WDL were tasked with entering in all of the content provided by Aspiring Solicitors, to ensure a speedy transition over to the new website, and due to the fact that we had more of a working knowledge of the full information architecture of the site prior to launch.

Harder, Further, Faster, More

On an ongoing basis, we regularly meet with Aspiring Solicitors in an effort to continually evolve the website, adding new features and improving existing ones to ensure a seamlessly professional online experience.

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