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Concurrent Technologies

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Comprehensive, Complete, Concurrent

Concurrent Technologies (CCT) are responsible for the design and manufacture of processor boards and software for a vast range of applications, including military, aerospace, communication and science divisions. Operating since 1985 they are at the forefront of technology advancement within these particular fields, unifying markets and producing quality products for commercial and rugged environmental use.


Dynamic & Digestible

Our primary task as part of the CCT project was to produce a website representative of their dynamic brand that could be explored by an individual from any background, looking for processors for a variety of purposes, and that the website, like the products it represented, would stand the test of time. It was key that the user experience was straightforward, whilst allowing for a platform that would deliver a large amount of content in a digestible format.




During the Information Architecture start of the site’s development, it was established that each product would not only be categorised by potential application, but also by product form factor & capability. As the site itself does not have eCommerce functionality, one of the primary goals was to drive direct contact, and it was established early on that using a combination of clear calls to action and links through to the contact form were essential in developing high-quality leads and email addresses to use for future marketing activities.



Striving to Exceed High Standards

The client set out high standards from the outset of the project and we consistently made sure that we went out of our way to meet those standards at every given opportunity throughout the course of the site’s development. The end result was a functional, attractive website that was not only fit for purpose but represents the brand ideals of CCT.

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