Creating a unique eCommerce experiencing for statement making biochemists.

Existing identity, new brand

WDL were approached by biochemist Nausheen Qureshi to design and develop an online webstore for her collection of bio-designed skincare in 2017. Part of the process was to use an existing brand identity from Elequra’s previous incarnation to develop the new brand into something tangible, attractive and functional.

Science of magic

One of the key components of the Elequra brand is its philosophy, utilising natural resources accompanied by extensive scientific research to develop skincare with a compound of bio-available components. This purity, and freedom from chemicals, informed the tone of the website design, creating something pure, elegant with a luxury atmosphere.

An unobtrusive eCommerce experience

Elequra, as a brand, is very personal to Nausheen, and so a large part of the site design was structured around her story, and the story of the conception of her products, utilising a combination of high quality imagery, informative video content to try and drive sales of the products and increase awareness of Nausheen and her brand. This worked hand in hand with a clearly defined user journey that would allow potential customers a chance to get to know Nausheen, her brand, and her products, before approaching the eCommerce side of the site. 

It was key that the Elequra website condensed a lot of information down into an easily digestible format, as there is a considerable amount of background information behind each product, and so the Information Architecture stage of the project clearly defined pages not only for the Elequra story, but also the science behind the products themselves, and a page of the website devoted to press stories featuring Elequra products.

Designing with the end goal in mind

When it came to the shop itself, it was important to impart relevant information wherever possible, with the inclusion of testimonials, free delivery callouts and clear calls to action made apparent in the early IA stages, and later transferred through to the design. The design itself stays true to the Elequra brand, utilising assets from their existing logo to add intricate details throughout the site. Image treatments and colour palettes were also concisely chosen to reflect the Elequra image, reinforcing the cleanliness and luxurious look of their products.

As part of the design, our designers created unique custom iconography that perfectly suits the industry and the Elequra brand. With an area of the website dedicated purely to the shopping experience, we were able to keep the design uncluttered. The brochure-esque pages of the site sit in their own clear and navigable side menu, which in turn allow the header to feature the key eCommerce links you would expect to find.

Through early discussions, it became apparent that the product pages of the site would include numerous pieces of content and features. Detailed in the IA, the design brought these pieces to life. Featuring product descriptions, ingredients listings, benefits, reviews and videos, the pages also include the standard eCommerce features for purchasing, such as the ‘Add to Bag’ button and ‘Perfect Partners’, which is a nice take on the standard ‘Similar Products’ and adequately suits the Elequra identity.

A step up on development

During the development stage of the project, we built the site to pixel-perfectly match the design, while implementing additional extracts of functionality that finely complement the Elequra brand. The subtle change of the sticky menu features the symbol version of the Elequra logo and roll-over states and transitions add a peaceful touch.

The site overall represents the clinical, but luxury feel of the products that it markets, with clean lines, high quality impactful imagery and a simple, dignified user journey that is not only fit for purpose, but is a testament to the passion shown by Nausheen.

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