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Matthew Douglas

Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors

Matthew Douglas are a team of highly qualified Independent Financial Advisors (IFA), trusted by their loyal customer base to provide forward thinking financial advice across an array of topics including savings, investments, mortgages, retirement and inheritance planning. They have been listed as a New Model Advisor ‘Top 100’ IFA Company for four years in a row.

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A Long-Lasting Relationship

WDL started work on the current iteration of the Matthew Douglas website in 2015. The website undergoes regular changes, with the addition of new functionality and information to ensure compliance with the strict regulations in place in the financial services industry as well as ensuring that its appearance is fresh, modern, up-to-date and in keeping with the Matthew Douglas brand.

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Building A Trusted Brand

Beyond the website, we also regularly work on marketing, client retention, design and print campaigns to ensure that the Matthew Douglas brand is strong, consistent, trusted and well known throughout the regions in which they operate.

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A Consistent Stream

Our continuing relationship with Matthew Douglas ensures the continual increase of existing traffic through their website, and that their marketing activities operate as a window onto the business, bringing in a consistently positive stream of new custom at a rate that ensures they never neglect their existing clients.

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Running an ongoing remarketing campaign for Matthew Douglas has also made sure that we are bringing visitors to the website back through targeted display activity in order to reopen dialogue and encourage repeat business, at a cost that is minimal when compared to search advertising campaign activity. This campaign has operated primarily as a brand awareness exercise with a primary focus on impressions rather than clicks, that has meant that cost can stay down, with brand recall being the main factor of success.

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