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Rose Calendars


A Matter of Time

Rose Calendars are a family run business with over 100 years of experience in producing high-quality promotional calendars for business advertising purposes. WDL’s relationship with Rose Calendars extends as far back as 2012, where we were tasked with producing a functional website capable of handling B2B enquiries, whilst operating in a catalogue capacity, displaying the full range of calendar configurations available.

Once we had designed the initial site, Rose Calendars operated effectively up until 2016 when we were approached once again to reskin the website, updating it to look and operate as effectively as possible within the modern market.

The ultimate aim of the project was to improve the overall user-experience, creating an attractive but functional platform that was both fit for purpose, but also as effective as possible from a marketing perspective.

Modernising Existing Branding

Design was one of the primary elements involved in the reskin, as it was important to account for a fully updated look, with improved functionality in order to recapture interest in the promotional calendar market, ensuring that enquiries could be sent quickly and dealt with efficiently.

As part of the changing internet landscape, having a mobile optimised website carries significant weight from both a user experience and an SEO perspective, and as such, the new design also needed to be applied to the existing mobile version of the Rose Calendars website.

Streamlining on-site navigation also meant that new landing pages needed to be developed, including a ‘Promotional Calendars’ page designed specifically as a high conversion content page that could easily be replicated for use during promotions.

Rose Calendars supplied all of the content for the site, which was implemented throughout the development phase alongside a functional live chat feature, making sure that online enquiries could be dealt with as quickly as possible.

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