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Schools Plus


Increasing community engagement

The Schools Plus programme is a unique approach to increasing community use of school premises.

Schools Plus was founded in 2004 by two cousins, James & Francis Woods, who saw the missed opportunity of bridging the gap between school facilities that went unused out-of-hours and local communities desperate to access venues to help local community events thrive.

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The main consideration for the Schools Plus website was how best to structure the site to incorporate multiple venues, as each venue had its own team and contacts.

We achieved this by creating unique microsites for each venue, so all booking enquiries and questions would go to the right team. Each of the microsites could be accessed through the main site, which acts as a portal for users to easily search for venues by location.

A bold online presence for a national company with a truly local focus

Schools Plus employs more than 125 people and has an ever-increasing portfolio of schools under their management. As an expanding company, they felt their original website could no longer effectively support the company’s growth or business requirements.

We updated several elements of the Schools Plus identity to ensure multi-channel consistency and increase audience perception and engagement levels.

This included:

  • Formulation of a clear messaging hierachy
  • Introduction of a new photographic style
  • Refinements and updates to the existing colour palette
  • Creation of a bold visual style to maximise brand impact

This vibrant and dynamic design resulted in an online presence that allowed for easy and intuitive use by an audience on the go; whether searching for conference halls for businesses or sports facilities for local clubs.

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Ticking all the boxes

The proposed solution was a multi-layered site build, with each school having ownership of a microsite, each featuring the same format, style, layout and types of information as the parent site. This structure allows each school to create and manage content independently which ensures their page is as unique and informative as possible – whilst ensuring brand consistency and a unified company voice.

Creation of individual ‘school pages’ were a great benefit to organic search rankings, allowing local users to easily discover facilities available in their area, even if they had not necessarily heard of Schools Plus.

WDL worked with us to create a unique website structure, ideally suited to our organisation. By allowing us to control content at each site level, we are able to keep a very large site updated, and relevant to our local markets.

Additionally, we have achieved natural Google 1st page listings for many of the search terms relating to our business and this has, of course, increased our enquiries significantly.

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Trust and support

Schools Plus have a dedicated cloud server hosted with a third-party company. Due to the high quality service that we have provided, Schools Plus entrust our Support team with access to this hosting environment to carry out work as and when necessary.

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