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The Strength of Information


ShowBiz software are one of the UK’s leading Agricultural Show management software companies, providing an intuitive web based platform to a large number of high profile clients nationwide.

A key element of the site design for ShowBiz was creating a visually sleek, but informative website that is able to break down large quantities of information into manageable sections.

The site was developed prior to the launch of ShowBiz software’s new platform, and so, primarily, content structure was informed by the software’s USPs, alongside a focus on integration and ongoing industry news & client testimonials.

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Building Quality Relationships


One of the main factors to come out of working with ShowBiz software was the strength of relationship building during the discovery process. By keeping communication channels open throughout the duration of the project we were able to ensure that the client was made aware of every step of the process, and that we were able to receive sign-off on each step swiftly. This was equally as important given a relatively tight deadline.


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Crystal Clear Communication


During the development of a content brief for the client, the information architecture was communicated in as much detail as possible in order to make sure that each element contained the relevant information in the correct tone. Working with the client assisted this, as it was pivotal that we understood the nature of the organisation as well as the product in order to structure the design of the site effectively.

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Reputation Focus


ShowBiz approached us after already having produced a version of their agricultural management software, and so had already built up a significant profile of existing customers, many of which are responsible for operating some of the UK’s largest agricultural county shows. It was vital that we were able to inform future business by using the testimonials of these previous clients, and so, much thought went into the placement of testimonials on most of the website’s service pages as well as a dedicated testimonials page.
The final website is the result of a hugely efficient and successful project that combined high quality design with a build that went the extra mile in providing an informative and fluid user experience.

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