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Leading environmentalists

Trucost are a world-leading provider of data and insight, identifying environmental risks and opportunities for their clients. They are highly specialised, and their expertise and experience far outweigh all of their competitors.

Trucost worth with the world’s most elite companies and organisations, with a focus on the investment community, governments and academic institutions.

Providing what was needed

Trucost approached WDL to design and build a brand new, fully responsive website which was in keeping with the company’s brand and image and to help streamline on-site navigation. During an extensive discovery process our web consultant got to understand Trucost, in which direction the business was moving and what they were really looking to gain from their new website. Following in-depth discussions, the key goals of the project were set as:

  • Impress site visitors
  • Generate enquiries
  • Increase site registrations

A carefully constructed sitemap and plan

The structure of the Trucost website was going to be key to its success, for this reason, a large amount of time was invested into the Information Architecture of the website. With improved navigation being a key feature of the new site, ensuring that both the page structure and whole website structure were conducive to a seamless user experience was going to be of the utmost importance.

The four-level category navigation, coupled with the requirement that the website can distribute content into multiple locations, could have resulted in a difficult to navigate and understand sitemap. Careful planning in the IA stage however, made sure that clear journey paths were put in place to ensure navigation was signposted and ultimately easy to follow.

Reflecting the brand image

The design of the website needed to be clean and professional due to the high-end clients that Trucost work with. This was achieved by using a bold, consistent colour palette throughout the site, straight lines, and a simple sans-serif typeface.

Equally important was a nod to the focus of the business, sustainability and the environment. To this end, high quality photographs adorn the header blocks throughout the website, each photograph containing a natural scene which bears relation to the page on which it is placed. Working in cohesion, the content and clean design ensure the environmentally clean and friendly goals of the company are reflected in the aesthetics of the website.

The End Product

The complicated nature of how the site was required to handle, display and distribute content required extensive development work. The final result ensures that content is easy to access. The content can be displayed in all relevant categories, as well as other locations, such as the client list and company history timeline, where necessary.

Impressing visitors was a key goal of the website, so a series of animated elements, in keeping with the brand identity, were created to help bring the site to life. Located throughout the site, and used alongside smooth transitions and high-quality imagery, the animated elements take the quality of the build up to the next level and leave a lasting impression on the potential high-end clients of this world leading firm.

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