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Upholstery Express

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Industry Leading Upholstery

Upholstery Express are Southern England’s leading specialist reupholsterers. Their expertise lies in restoring and repairing tired, worn and damaged furniture saving their clients thousands when comparing their prices with furniture replacement.

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Making a Change

Upholstery Express first approached WDL in early 2016 looking for some updates to their existing website. Through our in-depth discovery process we gained a real insight into the day to day workings of Upholstery Express, the challenges they faced and they direction they wanted to move in as a business. Following initial discussions it started to become apparent that Upholstery Express needed a little more than a simple website makeover, and so we embarked on a journey with goals of:

  • Presenting Upholstery Express in a professional manner
  • Targeting the more lucrative commercial market
  • Driving high-quality, relevant enquiries
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The Nuts & Bolts

When operating in a B2B market it is extremely important to create a professional appearance, and that was something the Upholstery Express were lacking. By rebranding the business, creating a simple and stylish bespoke website design and writing all of the website’s key messaging, we were able to elevate Upholstery Express above all of their competition.

We formulated a series of easy to follow user journeys, focusing on the commercial services on offer, littered the paths with key messaging and social proof, and concluded them with clear calls to action.

Our in-house copywriters then carefully crafted all of the website’s content, based on a series of meetings with key figures within Upholstery Express’s hierarchy, to ensure that every element of their online presence was focused on delivering relevant leads.

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Time to Grow

Upholstery Express are now in the safe hands of our digital marketing team, with a range of lead generation strategies underway utilising Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Since starting with WDL Upholstery Express have grown increasing their customer base, workforce and the services they can offer their customers.

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