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Business Applications

Saving your business time and money


Making your business run as pain-free as possible

Like any business, your business may have some painful aspects to it.

These might be mild irritations or they could be presenting you with serious problems. No matter how small, these obstacles are slowing your business down and preventing you from meeting growth targets.

No matter how small, these obstacles are slowing your business down and preventing you from meeting growth targets

Understanding your business

By understanding what the painful aspects to your business are, we can work with you to implement business applications that solve them. For example, you may need:


An intranet platform for more effective communication between your staff and teams


Development of an intuitive processing system for bookings or purchases


A lead generation and daily management application for your sales and marketing team


A fully searchable portal for recording and storing customer data

Solving business problems

We have previously developed business applications for our clients that solved problems such as:


Inefficient data recording with no audit or reporting functionality


A slow and laborious application process


Inability to showcase and sell products internationally


No functionality to browse and book at local level


No allowance for collaboration between team members working on fast-moving projects

Each one of these were business pains experienced by our clients. We helped to solve them through consultation, understanding, planning and efficient execution.

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