Small wins

Small Wins Episode 10


Did you know we have been creating our Small Wins blogs for over a year now? Our first episode was released on the 9th September 2020, since then we’ve shared a number of wins, both big and small, and even updated the name of this series from “Even Small Wins Deserve Celebrating”. Either way, that’s enough about our Small Wins history, it’s time to look at October’s history and share our favourite WDL highlights with you.

Landing Page Updates

Following the recent success of our sister site (The PPC People), Tom has come up with a new landing page system to help PPC clients. Our new landing page templates have been built by our expert WordPress Developers which allow us to create a professional and personalised landing page for any PPC client.

We have already found this to be incredibly handy for clients who; no longer have access to their websites, are due a website upgrade but don’t have time or budget to upgrade their current site, or for clients who simply want to opt-in and have a specific landing page.

The landing pages have been generating a large amount of success, with a fair few conversions being recorded in Google Analytics for brand new PPC accounts with no historic PPC data. Why not take a look at one of our first landing pages; Mobile Clutch Repair? Which generated 33 enquiries last week alone!

Introducing Our Newest WDL Member

I know we recently introduced you to our very own Dave Bot in our latest blog, but this time we really are introducing another human. We’ve hired Grace! Having only advertised the role last month, we had a number of keen applicants apply for the Digital Marketing position. A few weeks later Grace has joined the WDL family.

Grace studied Media, Law and English Language at Colchester Sixth Form College before studying Business Management at Falmouth University. Like most new graduates, Grace graduated into a pandemic minded society, where she found a job at Colchester Hospital ensuring patients were scheduled in to have their treatments. Before that, Grace had an impressive track record working for Ted Baker and Tommy Hilfiger as a supervisor and visual merchandiser respectively.

When we asked Grace what she was looking forward to most about the new role, she responded with; “I’d say I’m most looking forward to planning and managing blogs and social media campaigns. My previous experience is through university, where I had to create, manage and market my own clothing brand with a limited budget.”

King Estates Goes Live

We mentioned in one of our earlier Small Wins blogs that we were working on the new King Estates website. Well, we’re pleased to announce that the site was launched on the 1st of November! We’re extremely happy with the design and build for the King Estates site, and will be looking forward to managing their blog and Google Ads account moving forward.

If you’ve enjoyed this Small Wins Blog, then why not take a look at some of our other blog entries in this series and see some of the amazing work we have done throughout the year.