Small wins

Small Wins Episode 14


February always seems to be a sticky month for most businesses following the Christmas period and long January nights, however, we’ve had an incredibly busy month at WDL, with new websites, new clients and even new team members.

Igma Imaging

We’ve recently launched a new website for Igma Imaging. They are looking to attract more corporate clients to increase their large-format printing workload. Igma Imaging wanted a high-quality, creative website that incorporated a hybrid between animation and interaction.

We’re very happy with how this turned out, having presented the website to Igma Imaging, they were impressed with the balance of the animation and interaction we achieved. Following a few minor changes that were requested by the client, we launched the website and have since taken on digital marketing for Igma Imaging in terms of their PPC ads and the account’s management.

The website saw a number of the WDL team come together to complete the finished look, in particular Finn (Designer) and Rick (Developer). Their work together has delivered brilliant results for the client, and I believe they should be exceptionally proud of what they have achieved. I’d strongly recommend taking a look HERE!

We’ve Hired 2 New Digital Marketers


Kieran is most looking forward to joining part of the growing WDL team whilst developing his knowledge in new areas of marketing and getting the chance to refine his current skill set.

Kieran has worked in a couple of different digital marketing agencies, covering a wide range of tasks throughout his time with them. He has experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), organic social media and has even been known to take on some design work from time to time. In his spare time, Kieran likes to keep himself busy and because of his fantastic work ethic is keeping his role at The Spice (an Indian restaurant in Elmstead Market) where he has worked on and off since 2015!


Jack studied Digital Marketing at Colchester Institute. Like Kieran, Jack is excited to join our growing Digital Marketing team (can you believe we have 6 DM’s now?). He has a growing interest in all areas of marketing and is keen to expand his knowledge as he grows into his new role.

Jack is interested in working with a team of professional and skilled PPC experts, learning the ins and outs of the working life at WDL. Jack’s previous role was client-side where he had the sole marketing responsibility for an online retailer specialising in personalised goods. When Jack was younger, he studied graphic design and media for his A-Levels followed by his recent digital marketing apprenticeship, showing his willingness and interest to develop his digital skills in the working environment.

Jack and Kieran were on the same apprenticeship course at Colchester Institute (the same place our very own apprentice Mia is taking her Business Administrator qualification). It was only once they joined WDL, on the very same day I might add, that we found out Jack and Kieran knew each other. A new power duo who will be taking all WDL work in their stride.