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Small Wins – Episode 6


As lockdown begins to lift and people return to some form of normality, we’ve been getting our heads down to produce quality work for our quality clients. Do you want to know what we feel is worth shouting about in our Small Wins blog this month? Well say no more, here are our Small Wins from April.

New designs for long-term clients

It’s always good to update your designs every now and then. Recently we have been working on some new designs for some of our long-term clients. Updating your designs too regularly can become counter-productive from a business perspective, but leaving them too long without updating them can make your website look out of date. It’s key to find the right balance for your business and your customers.


Oakpark felt they were due a design upgrade and we have been working on the redesign of the Oakpark website. The new design allows a fresh look to the business for both new and existing customers. Like most redesigns, it’s important not to go overboard and make the page look too “busy” or “confusing” which is a common mistake we see when it comes to redesign work.


Just like Oakpark, iChauffeur recognised that their website was due a refresh. A change in imagery and design to the home page makes the site looks completely new! The best way to think of a redesign is like painting a house. You’ve changed the colours and filled in some small cracks, but you haven’t built an extension at the back of the house.

Cumulus Beds

Alongside these two long term clients, we have also created a new design for the new brand Cumulus Beds. We’re not going to mention too much about Cumulus Beds as their new website is due to launch in the not too distant future and we might well be covering this piece of work in an upcoming blog (stay tuned).

The new design for Cumulus Beds features a logo that represents the brand perfectly. If you look closely at their logo you’ll be able to make out the outline of a bed, pillows and a duvet, this is perfect for new clients to associate the new brand with a suitable, well-thought-out logo. It’s important to remember, new customers won’t remember your logo straight away and it takes 8 impressions (on average) for consumers to memorise a logo design.

Talula Eats goes live

If you’ve been following our Small Wins blog series, you’ll know that in episode 4 we mentioned we were working on an amazing website and bespoke email template (catering for all features our dog-loving clients could ever need) for Talula Eats. After lots of work from Rick behind the scenes (to make sure everything was perfect before the launch). We’re proud to announce – the site is now live!

We’ve Hired A New Designer

Sarah is the latest designer to join our company. She has always been driven by design and started off doing a Digital Design course at Brunel University where she gained First Class Honours. Since then she has worked in three design agencies and was the lead designer in her previous role.

Sarah’s greatest achievement was when she did an art project that was auctioned off and raised £7,500 for the charity Break. She has worked in small design agencies before and is really looking forward to working with a larger (better) team here at WDL (especially working with a larger team of designers). Even though Sarah has experience in lots of different areas of design, her favourite area is website design, and she even takes courses in her free time so she is always improving in this area.

And that’s it for Small Wins Episode 6! As always we are extremely pleased with the quality of work we have got through this month. We look forward to the next episode of Small Wins where we can share yet another handful of small success stories from across the month.