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Small Wins – Episode 7


As the sun begins to shine, and we’ve all celebrated a glorious bank holiday weekend, we believe it’s time for another Small Wins blog. If this is your first time joining our blog series, then be sure to check out our previous entries where we shout about all the mini-success stories from across the month. If you’re one of the regular readers, can you believe we’re on episode 7 already? Where has that time gone?

So what have we been up to post lockdown release?

HR Elite brochure

This month we set about updating the brochure for HR Elite. As we had already created a brochure for HR Elite in the past, we didn’t have to start this job from scratch. It was a case of changing content and adding new pages, ensuring we kept the styling consistent with the original brochure.

One of the main requests from the client on this piece of work was that they wanted to add in some icons. These icons already existed on their website, but were only available in a different format to the one that we needed. Sarah from our design team set about remaking these icons as SVG files to increase the resolution and produce yet another piece of high-quality work.

Trading Tutor styling and CTA updates

Trading Tutor also received some design-focused work this month as we refreshed the styling on their website, creating a more personable appearance. Finn also introduced new layouts to help better manage content (whilst working within the confinements of the current template) along with the reskin. This included addressing some of the styling where necessary as well as improving the wording of CTAs (Call to Action) to help boost conversions.

Sinclair Wright Logo

Sinclair Wright work in recruitment and have large, corporate clients that they needed their logo to appeal to. They wanted us to design a new logo for them that came across as serious, reliable and professional. Like most of our logo requests, Sinclair Wright had some specific ideas that they wanted us to incorporate into their design, in particular, they wanted a blue background and a “link” styled icon for their symbol (since their recruitment is networking and linking individuals with an opportunity).

Sarah set about the task of creating the Sinclair Wright logo and we think she did a great job! To integrate the icon with the company name, Sarah used links in the shape of an “S”. After sending this off to the client, Sarah received the following response:

“Great job. It achieves exactly what I was looking for, looks like it has been around forever, conservative but also the icon gives off a technology vibe.”

We simply couldn’t leave that out of our Small Wins blog could we?

And that brings a design-heavy Small Wins 7 to a close. As always we are extremely pleased with the quality of work we have got through this month. Make sure to come back next month where we can share yet another handful of small success stories from WDL.