Small wins

Small Wins Episode 8


Has Covid-19 calmed down enough for us to stop doing a Coronavirus related intro? Well either way we’re sure you are ready to book that long-awaited holiday. I know I certainly am! (waiting for my holiday, that is)

Anyway, that’s enough about me (and certainly enough about Covid). We’re back with a belated episode of our Small Wins Blog. July and August were busy months for the WDL team and we think it is time to share some of our favourite wins!

15 New Hours of PPC

We have a sister site, The PPC People, and recently it’s been pretty busy! Following Tom’s PPC sales call training the marketing budget for our sister site was increased. Tom has smashed his sales calls out of the park and in one week we picked up another 15 hours of PPC work. At this rate, we’re going to need another Digital Marketer before the end of the year. On top of this, we have had some positive feedback from long-term clients (it is always nice to hear and see success from our clients’ point of view, rather than just a data-driven point of view) and some of our new account setups have got off to great starts.

King of Cotton Summer Sale

With the summer season in full flow, King of Cotton launched their seasonal sale. The 20% off sitewide saw our designers create a bespoke banner to promote the sale, and our Digital Marketing team to create 3 email campaigns to assist the sale. This included a vintage “missed the boat” email recreation which King of Cotton hadn’t used for a number of years.

King Estates

We’ve recently designed a new logo inspired by the crest of the Spanish Coat of Arms (with the crested style requested by the client). For the new King Estates logo, we designed a full logo as well as a simplified variation of the crest to ensure it is usable and remains legible across different formats at different sizes.

As King Estates work on high-end, luxury properties they needed a design to match their clientele. Alongside the new logo, we have also been working on a bespoke website for the King Estates company.

WDL Away Day

It’s been over a year since we got together as a company for something other than work. Inspired by our regular golfing updates from Andy and Rich, we had a WDL crazy golf competition in Colchester. It wasn’t really a competition, but as Andy claims to have won, I was under strict instructions not to forget this in the Small Wins blog. The evening of golf was followed by an all-you-can-eat Chinese. It’s safe to say we all got good value for money as we all waddled out the door 2 hours later and 4 stone heavier.

We have had a busy couple of months, and there were many more stories we could have shared. We are always happy with the quality of the work we produce and love hearing positive feedback from our clients. I am already looking forward to writing the next episode of Small Wins where we can share yet another handful of small WDL success stories.