Small wins

Small Wins Episode 9


As October draws near, it’s time to shout about our favourite moments throughout September. Like usual, it has been hard to select a handful of examples to share in our Small Wins blog, due to the quantity and quality of work over the past few weeks.

Fluidic Analytics Goes Live

Over the past couple of months, we have been working on the new Fluidic Analytics website. This is one of the bigger websites we have built in recent times, bringing together all of our internal teams (Development, Design and Digital Marketing).

Fluidic Analytics wanted their website recreated in a way that allows them to have more flexibility over their own website, potentially leading to more in-house work. Over 200 hours later, we had their site up and running in WordPress, with a few of their key pages upgraded to help their performance.

The project started in the Development team with Jamie replicating their old website in WordPress. After some careful consideration, a number of key pages were restructured, allowing forms to be more user friendly and provide a more streamlined user experience.

Then the Design and Digital Marketing teams set about adding over 300 pages of content to the website, a lengthy process that had its ups and downs. However, after the website was completed, both WDL and Fluidic Analytics were extremely happy with the finished website.

We’re Hiring A New Digital Marketer

Following last month’s Small Wins announcement of 15 new PPC hours, we’re glad to say we’ve continued to pick up Digital Marketing work at an incredible rate. It was only episode 4 of the Small Wins series that we introduced a new Digital Marketer, and we’re already looking to recruit another to join Andy, Shahed, Tom and James in the Digital Marketing team. If you have what it takes, or are interested in finding more about what a typical Digital Marketer does at WDL, why not take a look at our “A Day In The Life Of A Digital Marketer” blog.

Starting New Work On Projects

Trek Group

Trek Group is a manufacturer and retailer of trailers, horseboxes and motorhomes. Currently, there are four dealer locations: Sheffield, Bury St Edmunds, Malvern, and Lincolnshire and each of these has Equi-Trek and Trek Trailers based there.

At present, each website for both the Trek Trailers dealers and Equi-Trek dealers looks different. They are managed separately by the store branches and have little continuity across the sites. We’ve been tasked with designing and building a network of websites for both Trek Trailers and Equi Trek that creates a unified and consistent look across each sub-brand, as well as clear links and consistency between the two. The main project goals are to generate enquiries and promote/enforce the national brands.

Diamond View Cleaning

Diamond View Cleaning are a specialist cleaning company who are part of the Vertas group. We were tasked with improving their current site, which was built internally on Wix, for something more bespoke and professional to suit this growing business. This project came from the impressive work we have done for Oakpark Security, who are also part of the Vertas group.

The brief for the site is to achieve greater monthly enquiries and continue to drive brand recognition amongst competitors. We have proposed clear service pages, making it as easy as possible for potential customers to get in touch. In addition to this, there will be new photography to give Diamond View an edge over their competitors and help them achieve their business goals.

As always, we have had a rather busy month, producing high-quality websites. We are looking forward to the coming months, as we have some incredibly exciting work on the horizon.