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Small Wins – Episode 4


Is there light at the end of this ongoing lockdown tunnel? Will we really be able to step outside this summer? Either way, it’s time for another monthly round up (yes we really are on Episode 4 already) of some of WDL’s Small Wins throughout February.

In todays world, it’s all too easy to remember the negative aspects of life and forget the highlights that occur in between. Here at WDL we like to do the opposite. So what have we been up to thats worth shouting about you ask?

We’ve Been Stringing The Pieces Together

Whether you aspire to be the next Roger Federer or prefer watching Wimbledon from Murray Mound (personally I still think it should be called Henman Hill), we’ve built a brand new website for Stringers’ World. Whilst working on the original Stringers’ World website in late 2019 we agreed that a website shape up would be the best step forward to move away from the previously dated site. The new layout also allowed more options to be added to the website; including a new design as well as additional website features.

The work also included their brand new aesthetically pleasing logo with the lines through it replicating that of a tennis racket. The new logo was designed by our excellent design team – it really was something that we didn’t want to get strung up about!

“What sort of website features did we include?” I hear you ask. Well, we improved and upgraded the existing eCommerce store as well as added in a racket configurator and made the experience of the website much more streamlined and user friendly.

Rebuilding the website has provided Stringers’ World with an excellent platform to convert new and existing clients in a much more streamlined process. This will allow them to get their name in front of new enthusiastic racket sports players who will be looking for high quality strung equipment.

Talula Eats Off The Leash

We like to be ambitious, but had we bitten off more than we could chew with our new client Talula Eats? Well, no, we don’t think we have! As I am writing this blog we are currently working on a new website and in anticipation of it going live, have created a great website holding page and a bespoke email template with every feature Talula Eats could possibly want.

Let’s be honest we’re all slightly mad at WDL and we certainly didn’t want to go barking up the wrong tree. Well, trees were involved, but not with barking dogs. WDL created a number of custom flyers ready for a mail drop. The flyers have gone down well with Talula Eats as Finn was working overtime to add some eye-catching graphics to help the campaign.

Talula Eats’ new branding will provide a clear visual for dog owners to recognise, adding in the flyers will help to gain a great local email mailing list as well as generate some new local clients/leads for this start-up business.

We’ve Hired A New Digital Marketer

That’s me! *pulls party popper*. I will be working alongside Shahed and Tom, as we work on the digital marketing side of WDL. I was previously working in Digital Marketing for the Arts Council and look forward to becoming part of the WDL team.

So there you have it. Episode 4 of small wins comes to an end. We are extremely happy with how the last month has gone and look forward to helping yet more clients next month!