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Starting A Job In Lockdown


Leaving a job you’ve had for several years and getting a new one is maybe not the best thing to do in a pandemic. But it’s what I did and I’m glad I did it. I think the pandemic made getting a new job easier for me as I had been working from home for a few months anyway. The only physical change to my job was the computer I was working on as I had to give my old one back. I didn’t (and still don’t) know how to get to the new office, or what any of my new coworkers look like standing up.

I was super nervous on my first day and most of the first week. Working from home made the new beginning easier for me, as I was in a safe and familiar place that I was in total control of. It is important to reach out and get to know your coworkers. You do have to put effort into getting to know people as you won’t bump into them in the office. They won’t know the new little icon on the company chat is having a mini freakout. I feel lucky that everyone here is very supportive and caring and feel like I’ve made friends already.

Starting a new job from home has made it easier for me to settle in. It has allowed me to ease into the job and get to know my coworkers over the chat and weekly meetings. When I start work in the office it will feel like moving desks and not starting a new job.

One important note is to check what your webcam can see. I try to keep my room clean and all the mess out of sight. Also if you’re cold you can have a duvet over your lap and nobody will know.

I’ve enjoyed my new start at WDL. While it’s not been the most conventional beginnings to a new job, with the friendly team it’s certainly been a positive experience. While I enjoy the comfort of working from home, I am now most definitely looking forward to meeting the team in person.