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Team Day Out: Curve Water Sports


On Saturday the Website Design Ltd. team came together for a day at the lake with Curve Water Sports. After previous team get-togethers of strenuous axe throwing and ninja-tag, we opted again, for another day of physical activity. We had the perfect weather for a day on the water, which resulted in a small amount of sunburn and plenty of aching muscles! Our first activity of the day was Paddleboarding. 

As someone who has never paddle-boarded in their life, I was of course the one person going around in circles until Rick came to the rescue and pushed me in the right direction. As I chugged along, reaching up to the rest of the team; we all tempted fate, testing our balancing skills by standing up on the paddleboards and seeing who could last the longest. It wouldn’t be long before the first person lost balance and got wet, luckily with the provided life jackets and the shallowness of the water, it was only a quick trip into the lake. 

As we used all our strength to battle against the water and wind, we all met at a point and let the breeze take us back. Although I had never partaken in water sports before, this was definitely a fun activity that brought the team together in a different way. 

After a short break, we took to the ultimate inflatable aqua park. From the word go, you jump straight into the lake and the race is on. The aqua park is made up of slides, trampolines, and balance beams, it is truly a test of teamwork and balance! As we all slipped and slid across the inflatables, we immersed ourselves in the ‘Total Wipeout’ experience and attempted to run the entire course to the end. This was not the case for me, however, as I spent most of the time in the lake. The last test of the inflatable course was the high jump from the top, I watched from the bottom as everyone took turns plunging into the water.


Our last activity of the day was Tubing; from the name it is not obvious what Tubing would involve, it certainly didn’t involve actual tubes. Despite the lack of tubes, the aim of the game was to lay flat on a rubber ring as you are pulled across the water by a mechanical zip-line, as you hold on as tight as you can, trying not to be flung into the water. In groups of 2, we all took turns tubing and from the amount of laughter and smiles from everyone involved it was another success.

Following all of the water sports, we tucked into pizza and had a bit of chat before heading home for the day. This was another successful day out for the Website Design Ltd. team. There were plenty of achy muscles and a bit of sunburn too and it’s safe to say some of us had used some muscles we didn’t know we had. This will certainly be a team activity day we will not forget.