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The Importance Of Discovery For A Web Project


When first enquiring about a new web project, the price may be the deciding factor in your mind and there will be many digital agencies out there offering their services at an appealing rate. As attractive as low-cost can be, it’s important to consider what you will receive for your money; expert advice, added value and support are key contributors to a successful end product and this is something that we at WDL, pride ourselves on doing really well. These important project elements may not always be included when opting for a cheaper package.

It’s worth noting that there are many different approaches to a web project and features and functionality can vary drastically, depending on your requirements and needs. Agencies that offer a set price for a website or perhaps a small amount of money per month, may not be willing to spend the time getting to know you, your business or your customer’s needs. You will receive an ‘off the shelf’ website, set up quickly, with very little expertise. There’s unlikely to be a consideration of your business goals, the needs of your visitors, or the return on your investment.

As part of our Discovery process, following a brief initial phone call, we take the time to explore and find out more about your business prior to creating a formal project proposal. We invest heavily in getting a better understanding of your company, your audience and goals for the website over a series of, in-depth meetings. We also take a look at your competitors in order to determine what we believe they are doing successfully and what they are not doing so well. In following this process, we are better placed to research the most effective and feasible options for your website.

Once our New Business Consultant has guided you through our Discovery process we will be in a confident position to create a formal proposal for your project with an accurate price. We want to ensure that no stone has been left unturned and we include as much information as we possibly can in the proposal so that is clear from the very beginning what we will deliver. Once finalised, our New Business Consultant will present the proposal to you and take you through it step by step to ensure that everything that was discussed during Discovery has been covered and that both parties understand the deliverables. We want you to ask questions so that you are confident in the approach, the project process and how we will work towards achieving your project goals.

When choosing to work with us, we would encourage you to immerse yourself in our process and trust that the time and effort given by both parties in the early planning stages will be beneficial and make for a successful web project. Now that you know our process, get in touch with us today and find out more about how we can help you.