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The Importance of Negative Keywords

A powerful, yet often underutilised feature of AdWords is negative keywords. Running campaigns without negative keywords increases your chances of paying for irrelevant clicks, wasting your daily budget and stopping ads from displaying to your target audience.

What is a negative keyword?

Negative keywords tell Google that your ad is not relevant to users searching for that particular term and stops them being displayed if a search term includes any of your negative keywords.

Deciding on your negative keywords

While there are likely to be some universal terms, for each business, the words and phrases you choose to exclude will be completely different. Running a search terms report is a good starting point, you’ll quickly notice when your ads are triggering for phrases that you don’t want to be targeting. You can add keywords to your negative list directly from the report:

Adwords Search Terms | Website Design Ltd

There are some fairly standard negative keywords that will be appropriate for the majority of accounts, terms like ‘free’, ‘jobs’, ‘review’ and ‘training’, but the more you monitor your keywords, the more you’ll think of negative keywords to add.

How do I add negative keywords?

In the keyword tab, you will see the option to click on ‘Negative keywords’ (below). Through continually monitoring, you’ll build up a strong list but it’s not something that should be forgotten, keep going back to it!

Adwords WDL Campaign Negative Keywords | Website Design Ltd

From here, you have the option to add negative keywords at either ad group or campaign level, depending on how specific it is.

Why bother?

There are clear benefits to building a strong and exhaustive negative keyword list;

Web Design Jobs Google Search Screenshot | Website Design Ltd

Pay-Per-Click really is all about keywords, the more time you invest into compiling a thorough keyword and negative keyword list, the greater your results are likely to be. Obviously it’s not as simple as that and there’s a wide range of factors that can influence your campaigns performance. If you’re not happy with how your PPC is performing or are looking to launch a new campaign, get in touch and find out how we can help you generate conversions.

16th February 2016 | By | in Digital Marketing
16th February 2016
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