Use Everyday Situations To Create Compelling Content!

Written by - 13/10/2015

Do you dread having to create new content for your website?

If so, it’s time to rethink how you approach your content marketing. It needn’t be a chore and it most definitely shouldn’t be a hassle.

Good content marketers are those that use everyday situations to create compelling pieces. Rather than sitting down and trying to write a 600 word article off the top of your head, look at what’s going on around you and find a way to repurpose it into a post.

If you’ve got a mental block about your blog, try writing in a different style.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started…


What’s better than creating a great piece of content?
Creating a great piece of content and having somebody else do most of the leg work!

Find somebody you work with who’s highly knowledgeable in their area of expertise. Compile a short list of direct questions and send them across via email or IM. When the answers come back, the chances are they’ll be ready to go straight into a post! Although it’s always a good idea to proof read them first and reword anything that needs attention.

Review Something

Have you recently started using a new product or service?
Has it changed the way you work? Do you love it? Is it terrible? Review it!

Document your experience and share it. Other people may be looking into the same thing and will find your views incredibly useful. Plus, if you’re praising the product, you may get some social media interaction from the creator!

Directory Posts

Your blog is not an extension of your About Us page!

Don’t forget that content marketing is not about constantly selling your services or products. Consider creating and sharing posts that educate readers around different aspects of your industry. Directory posts are a collection of useful links or educational resources centred around a single theme. These can be made up of a number of elements, try defining key terms or sharing a list which explains industry jargon.

Hot Tips & Lists

Buzzfeed are on to something!

It’s not hard to see the potential value of list style articles and how well they can attract search traffic. Not only are these kinds of posts extremely popular, they are one of the easiest pieces of content marketing to put together. The possibilities for topics are endless, so start with something that crops up a lot and brainstorm the finer details, the lists will practically write themselves.

Write Up a Conversation

The water cooler is not just a source of water!

Without realising it, you probably create the basis for 3 or 4 blog posts everyday just by chatting to people. Anytime you have a work related conversation with a coworker, think to yourself, would other people be interested in this information? If the answer is yes, it’s probably worth turning that conversation into a post. Because when you break it down, a good piece of content should start a conversation between you and your readers.