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Virtual Marketing Team

What’s ours… is yours

Our new dedicated service means you can have access to all the digital marketing experts you need, without the pain and expense of finding, training, and retaining them.

Proactive and results driven, our team can assist with every aspect of digital marketing, to ensure you receive the highest quality of service and return on your investment.

How does it work?

  1. We consult closely with you to identify your business goals.
  2. We create a digital strategy and a marketing plan of campaigns and related optimisation activities that will help you achieve these goals.
  3. We agree a monthly budget with you.
  4. Each month we will work to carry out all identified digital marketing activities, as well as develop existing channels and identify new opportunities.

We are totally transparent about the work we do on behalf of your business and will be as accountable to you as any permanent employee would be

Why is this service so good?

  • The ongoing nature of the service allows us to get to know you, your business and your aspirations in valuable detail.
  • All marketing activities we undertake for you are carefully planned, executed and reported upon.
  • We will cost a fraction of the price compared to hiring a comparable team of digital marketing experts.
  • We have a great deal of experience which means we can offer an agile service that keeps you ahead of your competition.
  • We’re always here to listen to your ideas and help you put them into practice in the quickest and most cost-efficient ways possible.
  • We want to keep working with you. So all the marketing activities we undertake on your behalf will consistently demonstrate how valuable your business is to us.
  • Our collaborative and holistic approach means you will receive a service tailor-made to you and your business.
  • We have access to a team of talented designers, development experts and online consultants.
  • We are not a faceless entity. We are a knowledgeable, accessible and friendly team of people who love what we do.
  • Total control over your monthly marketing budget, with no nasty surprises.

What can we do for you?

  • Digital strategy
  • Campaign creation and execution
  • Training & development
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media
  • Website optimisation
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Pay per click

No catches, no excuses.

Just a great team you can rely on to deliver fantastic results!

Interested in discussing this further? Get in touch and talk to us about what you would like to achieve, and how our digital marketing service can make it happen.

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