WDL Donates Its Time to Hospitals’ Charity

Written by - 04/02/2014

The charity celebrates its 60th birthday this year after decades of helping Colchester General Hospital, Essex County Hospital and, most recently, the Primary Care Centre in Turner Road. But, until now, the league has never had a web presence.

We were put in touch with the league by the Business Bank, an initiative launched by Colchester Community Voluntary Services. We had already ‘deposited’ our time and expertise with the Bank, and were matched up with the league when members felt they needed a website.

The site,, provides visitors with information about the work of the charity which includes the hospital shops, guiding service, ward newspaper round and tea bar. It also offers the functionality to donate money to the service and sign up as a volunteer, while it updates members on the activity of the charity.

Emma Moulding from the Colchester League of Hospital and Community Friends said she and her colleagues were “delighted” with the website. She said: “We realised that we needed an online presence to raise our profile and make it as easy as possible for people to support us. Our three main aims, as identified by WDL, were to increase volunteers, make it easier for people to donate to the charity, and to share our news. The simple but very effective design of the website will make it possible for us to achieve these aims.

“2014 marks the 60th anniversary of the charity, and the website going live has provided a great kick off to our special year. WDL have been a pleasure to deal with, and their ongoing support is greatly appreciated.”

All of us at WDL were very pleased to be able to help such a worthwhile organisation, whose members work so hard and which ploughs all its profits back into the hospitals through the purchase of much-needed equipment.