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What Fuels WDL?

Written by - 22/03/2016

Working in an office, it can sometimes be difficult to resist the temptation of snacking throughout the day, especially when there is a shop across the road that sells onion rings (the crisps), which are my current addiction, and a cafe round the corner with amazing chilli chicken wraps. Creating and marketing great websites is hungry work! Let’s take a look at what keeps us going.

A couple of times a month there tends to be some sort of treat waiting for us in the kitchen, the treat of choice usually being a variety of donuts and cookies. We don’t need an excuse either, rather than waiting for an office birthday to indulge in sugary goodness, we sometimes treat ourselves just because it’s a Friday! At the end of a busy week, you can almost guarantee that the bins around the office are full of a number of empty Coca Cola cans, Pot Noodles and chocolate bar wrappers, specifically Kinder (yes we know, we’re not the healthiest bunch).

A few office rations to get us through hump day!

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Each team member at WDL has their own favourites they like to graze on as well as certain lunches we all associate with them. A couple of times a month without fail, Dainius likes to order “2 for Tuesday” pizzas to the office for his lunch and occasionally somebody, usually Rob, offers to do a McDonald’s run. The safest lunch bet in the office is our senior project manager Daniel. It’s fair to say most of the office would happily put money on the fact that Daniel is having a curry for lunch. On the rare occasion it isn’t, everybody is intrigued as to what it could be.

Each day, myself and Richard battle it out over who is going to make tea as we are the only people in our room who drink it. There is an ongoing joke, not that it is at all funny, that whoever makes tea, gives the other person a gigantic Sports Direct mug in the hope that it keeps them going for a good 3 hours. Coffee tends to keep us going, but towards the end of the week when everybody is starting to slow down, nothing cheers us up more than when somebody offers to go to the shop to buy a box of biscuits or Jaffa cakes, we’re an easy bunch to please.