Why Do I Need Digital Marketing? Part 2


This blog post is the second and final part to our “Why Do I Need Digital Marketing” 2-part series. This post continues on from the last blog where I provided various reasons why digital marketing is a must have for your website and business (which you can find here). We are already aware that the term digital marketing encompasses a wide range of marketing functions with various benefits, but is digital marketing really necessary for the success of my website/business? In short… yes, and I will provide you even more reasons why in this blog.


Low cost

As a smaller business it can be difficult and sometimes may seem impossible to compete with larger companies. How many small/medium sized businesses can afford national TV or radio ads? Very few.

Digital marketing lets the smaller businesses level the playing field. With Google ads you can set a spend budget that is appropriate for your business. You can choose how much you wish to spend on certain ads and Google will work to stay within your budget. Other digital marketing practices can also be done for free, such as social media posting, optimising website content and email marketing. Digital marketing can be very cost effective while delivering phenomenal results. The biggest investment you will make when it comes to digital marketing is your time, but if you dedicate enough time and follow best practice procedures, your business and website will undoubtedly see growth from digital marketing.



You’ve just launched a nationwide TV ad and are distributing flyers, once the flyers are sent and the ad is live there’s no going back. With traditional marketing it is very difficult to make ongoing changes. 

With digital marketing you can make tweaks as you go along, adjusting campaigns to customer feedback, adjusting your Google ads, updating your social posts and ads. If you’re running a promotion then increase your budget to drive sales, change the wording on your existing ads to let all your potential customers know about the insane discounts that you’re offering. Digital marketing is most definitely far more flexible than traditional marketing, making it the perfect pairing and a necessity for the modern and ever changing business environment.


Wide Reach

While it is targeted, you can also benefit from a wider reach. Traditional marketing is very limited with the number of people that will see your ads. With digital marketing you can easily reach thousands/hundreds of thousands/millions of potential customers for a fraction of the cost. In order to reach the same amount of people through a TV ad campaign or radio campaign you would need to pay a small fortune (or a large fortune).


Digital Marketing Works

Digital marketing works and is proven to increase conversions that help to meet business objectives. As the manager of a large number of PPC accounts for businesses and organisations of different sizes and in different industries, I see everyday just how effective digital marketing is in driving conversions for a client’s website, whether it is the number of calls, queries via a contact form or sales, digital marketing is the most effective way of generating high quality leads to your website that will help you meet and exceed your overall business objectives.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about digital marketing and its many benefits as much as I have enjoyed writing about them. If you’re still debating whether you and your business need digital marketing then take a read of this blog. If you have decided that you would like to invest in growing your website and business using digital marketing but aren’t sure where to start, then give us a call or send us a message and one of our friendly team will be happy to help. The beauty of digital marketing is that much of it can be done for free, with the key investment being your willingness to invest time. But there is no doubt that by investing time into your digital marketing you can grow your business exponentially, so give it a go and take your business to the next level.