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You Get What You Put in, and We’re Putting in a Lot

Written by - 04/04/2014

Whenever I speak to a potential client about their new website project, I ask the question “When do you hope to have this delivered?”. Most of the time, the answer is “ASAP”, and some even say “Yesterday”. It’s rare and refreshing to hear “I’m willing to wait for the right solution”.

You can walk into any supermarket and buy a full range of fresh fruit and vegetables, at any time of the year. Want to buy that record that’s playing on the radio? Instant purchase and download to your phone. We’re used to instant gratification but when you want to redesign your website, or build a web application? Take your time.

Yes, you can buy cheap websites and make them live in an instant. Every big hosting company will gladly take a monthly subscription fee for providing you with this particular brand of instant gratification. But, is that really what your business needs?

We like to think we can do better than that, which means taking the urgency out of the process to make sure it’s done properly. After all, a website is an enormously powerful business tool, and is going to represent a big investment in time and money, so why rush it?

We know that our potential clients are experts in their business, and we in ours. This combination of expertise has led us to conclude that rather than rushing to produce a proposal based on a short RFP, we should really find out the needs of our clients to ensure we are providing the best solution.

We achieve this through a series of meetings designed to elicit enough information to let us understand the job at hand. Taking this time allows us to bring our expertise and experience to the table, and propose a solution that really delivers. Effectively, we give away free consultancy before every project, just to make sure we get it right.

The time spent researching and planning a project is invaluable. It leads to more accurate proposals and quotations, better scoped and smoother running projects, and happier clients.

If you have a web based need then get in touch. We’ll discuss your business and website requirements, and importantly talk about how we can deliver results for you.