Your business is worth more than a fiver


You can’t get much for a fiver these days, you’ll even struggle to get a pint at the local pub. Yet some businesses will happily spend that on the first impression of their business. It seems ridiculous when you put it like that.

We appreciate that not everyone has or wants to spend a large amount of money on their logo, especially if you’re a startup. But consider it from your customers point of view. If you have spent less on your logo than a packet of pens for your office stationery cupboard, do you really think you’re going to be getting a design that is high quality and represents your customers and target audience? The chances are probably quite slim.

We’ve probably all come across the saying “buy cheap, buy twice”, the same is true with logos. You really are better off investing in a logo that will last, that suits your industry and gives off the right tone of voice from the start. It makes brand recognition much easier over the long run. Rather than changing it every year trying to keep up with trends, using off the shelf template designs that just replace the name with your business name, multiple people have bought already.

When looking for a logo and branding, consider the value it will bring to your business and the extra revenue it can bring through increased sales and enquiries. It will soon pay for itself several times over.

Customers want to see a company and brand they can trust and first impressions count, attention spans are measured in a couple of seconds these days. So,, that clip art logo you paid for is actually doing more harm than good, potentially losing you money rather than saving it.

Think about it from the brands you personally admire and buy into, would you still want that iPhone or Ralph Lauren shirt if it had a cheap, dated looking logo plastered on their products, I’m guessing not. It’s proven that companies that consider design as part of their business decisions, return better results too;

“Design is linked to profit: For every £1 invested in design, businesses can expect over £4 increase in net operating profit”

It’s not just stats like this that highlight the benefits, it can be seen in the stock market too;

“Design-led businesses had outperformed the FTSE 100 by more than 200%”

What’s the value of design for businesses? Here are the hard facts

To get the most out of your logo you really do have to think about the bigger picture, what your company goals are, who is your audience. You can then appreciate it’s more than just an icon in the top left of your website, it sets the tone for everything your business does.

Let’s look at what’s involved in creating a well thought out logo;

Design Brief:
talking to the client to find out about their business and what their requirements are.

research into the client’s industry, history, competitors, etc

Design Direction:
explore designs and current styles related to the design brief, colours, font styles icon styles, etc

Concept Designs:
ideas, mood boards, sketches, rough designs, experimentation, creating multiple designs

Developing & Finalising:
The better designs are then developed into a brand, showing how they can work across multiple items related to the company.

The final ideas are then presented to the client and the direction is explained, working with the client to refine the design as needed.

Now, you’re not going to get this level of detail and thought for a fiver, but you can see, you get what you pay for.

Investing in a logo pays dividends later down the line too, as you have a brand that is transferable to other forms of communication.

Well designed logos will have elements that can be used for print, as well as your website and they will have alternate layouts so the logo can work in different spaces. For example, the small space you have on your social media sites, you don’t want to use your primary full detailed logo, rather a simplified version that scales well and works in a square that social media sites use. It’s details and expertise like this, that you are paying for.

What if I have a logo that I like or have designed myself? Ask your design agency as any decent agency will be honest with you and want your business to succeed. They will tell you straight if it’s not right for your industry and audience, or it might be a case that it needs one or two tweaks and a bit of professional polish so that it works nicely for your brand.

Interested in seeing what we can do for your business? Whether you’re after a new logo or a refinement we’re happy to help.

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