Top 10 Best Books & Resources For Web Designers


Using a wide range of resources is very important for designers, mainly because the World Wide Web and and it’s way of design is always constantly changing and growing. Therefore, using a variety of resources helps us all to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and design strategies.

Here are my top 10 books and resources for Web designers:

1.) The .Net Magazine

The .Net magazine is a fantastic resource for web designers. From designers to developers, this magazine will identify the different ways of design and development for a variety of experience levels. This magazine includes different blogs evolving around design and development and is a great way to get involved in conferences in cities from London to New York City. This magazine also offers .Net Awards which allows people to enter their talents through a competition under different titles such as “Young Designer of the Year”.

2.) Smashing Magazine

The Smashing Magazine is a brilliant way for designers to get inspired, you will be guided through inspirational designs and blogs throughout the magazine as well as the website. The site isn’t just for designers, but also for developers and other designers who are affiliated with 3D and graphic design. Overall, Smashing Magazine a great resource for design inspiration purposes.

3.) Dribbble

Dribbble is the best website for web design inspiration. From millions of different designing shots, Dribbble is a brilliant way to allow users to look upon different designs for inspiration. It allows you to upload your designs and allows others who are on the social network to view, comment, like and bucket your shot.

4.) Icon Monstr

Icon Monstr is a great icon and infographic resource for web designers. The simplistic yet resourceful website allows designers to easily download as many icons and infographics as they want, with no further cost. Icon Monstr is a brilliant resource to use for website pages with various icons and infographics throughout.

5.) Web Designer

The Web Designer Magazine is a great way for identifying the in’s and out’s of Web design. It contains many strategies, blogs, columns and free resources. The magazine also comes with discs, allowing you do you own research and some of your own independent learning.

6.) Creative Market

Creative Market supplies thousands of varieties of fonts, infographics and different design work. You can buy, sell and download a complete mixture of designers work as well as sell your own design work, meaning that you can open up a shop online.

7.) Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a specialised blog that contains articles on web, illustration, digital arts, adobe software, 3D and more. It’s a very helpful resource for designers, because it includes the latest trends design related topics.

An example of a brilliant article would be this; The Top 50 Books for Web Designer:

8.) Behance

Behance has a wide range of different designs; from web designs to graphics and animation and provides a social media range for interaction. You can follow, like and view others work to gain inspiration. Behance also allows you to provide and customise your own website, which is associated with ProSite.

9.) TypeKit

TypeKit is an Adobe piece of software which by paying a certain amount for, allows you to download as many fonts as you want onto your system. This a great for web designers because as it allows you to download as many fonts as possible.

 10.) Webdesigntuts+

Webdesigntuts+ has the latest tutorials, articles, tips and is a good positive community for web designers. With a wide range of different specialised articles, this website continues to build on it’s good reputation of websites.