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Digital marketing

Our digital marketing service provides tangible, profitable results, regardless of company size and sector.

Consultation & strategy

Essential to any successful marketing activity is the need to understand a business’s goals and ensuring everything is in place for the proposed campaign to be a success. It is for these reasons that consultation and strategy is often the starting point, and key, for digital marketing campaigns.

Knowing what you want to achieve is the easy bit, knowing exactly what you need to do to achieve it might seem a little daunting; that’s where we come in. Partner with us and our expert digital marketers will take the time to really understand your business and tailor a strategy, packed full of recommendations on which Digital Marketing platforms we think will be best for your business, all of which will be designed to give you a great return on investment.


Pay per click marketing has quickly become a vital marketing model that allows you to advertise your business online, and you only have to pay when the link is clicked. Our highly skilled and experienced PPC marketers can create PPC strategies suited to your business, your budget and your goals.

Pay per click search

The top positions in search results are the ‘holy grail’ when it comes to reaching potential customers, and appearing in the top few positions can bring a massive boost to your business. But there’s a lot more to it than paying handsomely to sit proudly at the top of the pile.

Our Google certified digital marketers understand exactly what it takes to make you stand out from the crowd, ensuring that you consistently attract quality leads that quickly become customers, minimising cost and time, while maximising profit.

Pay per click display and shopping

There is a lot more to online advertising than just appearing at the top of the search results. Display advertising, video advertising and shopping feeds are just some of the other options available to help promote your business, products and services.

We gained 730% over ROAS on a Google Shopping campaign over a 3 month period for our client Stringers’ World.

Our digital marketing team are Google certified in all aspects of online advertising so are experts in getting your brand and message in front of the right audience at the right time. From display advertising on other websites across the internet to listing products in the Google shopping results our team will hand select the perfect display & shopping PPC options for your business.

Social media

Engagement is the key to social success. Social platforms are all about fast moving conversations and regular updates. If you aren’t careful you can find yourself getting left behind.

The WDL digital marketing team are well versed when it comes to starting conversations. Getting people talking about your industry and your business will help build interest, and with WDL managing your social media marketing, that interest will soon turn into custom through the use of refined branding, well thought out messaging and perfectly executed calls to action.

Email marketing

WDL provides a complete email marketing service, helping you send targeted messages that will drive conversions from both new and returning customers. Our team understands the three key email engagement points, opens, clicks and conversions and exactly what is needed to maximise and measure them providing you with quantifiable results.

30% increase in sales

Ongoing design, development, management and marketing, resulting in a 30% increase in sales.

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Website Redesign & Ongoing PPC

A long term marketing partnership with a firm of financial advisors.

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Our team of talented designers can create bespoke email templates to match your brand and our easy to use email marketing system allows you to send your own emails to subscribers, or if you prefer we can do it for you.

Content marketing

It’s likely you’ve heard it before, but content really is king. Carefully crafted content has the ability to increase engagement, improve SEO and inevitably sales.

Effective content marketing requires meticulous research and planning to make sure everything you produce and publish is both accurate and relevant. We are able to produce detailed content strategies, provide advice and guidance, or even write content for you.


We’ll be honest with you about SEO, you’re never guaranteed top spot on page rankings and quick turnarounds rarely occur. Google and Google alone are the only folks that can guarantee first page rankings. However, we can guarantee best practice and full reporting on all on-site optimisation activities that we conduct on your behalf for sustained organic growth.

Following the completion of an SEO strategy, for our client Matthew Douglas, they moved from page 15 to page 1 on branded search.

Analysis and reporting

We measure digital marketing by results, and in most cases this focuses on conversions. To ensure accountability and provide our clients with a great return on investment, analytics and reporting concludes every marketing campaign we compose.

While the results will prove how successful the campaign has been, this also gives us and you with the knowledge needed to optimise the campaign for the future. Being Google Analytics certified ensures our marketers are able to establish patterns in results and understand your customers.

Branding & design

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