How & Why Case Studies Could Help Win More Business

Written by - 24/07/2017

Better The Devil You Know

We all like to know what to expect. The last thing you want to do is enter into a situation blindly, with unmanaged expectations, when there is even a remote possibility that getting involved could end up blowing up spectacularly in your face. That’s precisely the reason reviews exist. It’s far better to know what’s in store as early as possible to avoid potential disappointment in future. Whilst there’s nothing stopping you going out and writing your own reviews of your own services, it’s not going to win you any favours down the road, and we certainly don’t condone such fallaciousness. So, why not instead write a detailed account of your past projects, detailing your successes, failures, lessons learnt and exactly how and why you did what you did?

Creating a case study could help to exemplify your own brand assets, showing off your prowess to the world using physical evidence of the end result to help bolster what you already know: that you did a good job.

Bringing your services to life in such a way as to tell a story to rival a Dickensian classic is often hard work, particularly when recalling what actually happened, and outlining your shortfalls, as well as your accomplishments, can sometimes be a bitter pill to swallow. In spite of this, you’re only human, and you sometimes make mistakes. As long as you account for those mistakes, detailing exactly what you did to overcome the issue and the things you took away from the experience to try and ensure it doesn’t happen again, the worst thing that’s going to happen is that you’re seen as a fully functioning human being.

Having a Case Studies page is the idea resource for potential clients to develop trust in your credibility, particularly if they can see concrete evidence of the skills you claim to possess. Using direct quotes from your clients themselves will only help to support the endorsement. Consider each case study as your own opportunity to clinically state how each project was managed and to demonstrate as many reassurances as possible.

Another huge marketing consideration when writing your case studies is that continually creating additional content for your website is going to have a profound effect on your SEO. Search engines love fresh, hot, relevant content, especially when it’s loaded with sweet, sweet industry-related keywords. Feeding the SEO beast is never a bad thing.